Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer League 08 Warriors V Mavericks

Summer League MVP?

Well the Warriors youngsters against Dallas once again tonight and this time for those who subscribe you can watch it on NBATV or like me you have no access to any American TV you can watch it here. Because of the past rivalry between these two teams this would be one of the few Summer League contests worth catching. Game starts at 11 here or 3pm Pacific

Hard to believe but just a few months ago it was these two along with the Nuggets for 7-8th spots in the Western Conference. Now that Randolph has his Summer League rep considerably up maybe Marco hits everything like he did last year. Hard to believe but Nate Robinson won the MVP from Marco last season so he's looking to take that title back

After Fridays no show here's hoping Hendrix gets some playing time just so we can see what he's all about and that he doesn't get treated like Lasme did. Itt's also a big couple of games for CJ Watson who needs to preserve his backup Point Guard spot after a poor opening game performance struggling early (6 turnovers) and definitely left some doubt as to his ability to run an NBA offense. His upcoming play bears watching. And lastly Amundson who didn't do much of note during the Philly game and owns one of the horrnedous ponytails in sports will he be able to earn a Training Camp invite in the next few games?.

Only time will tell

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