Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Warriors get Marcus williams

Finally a true backup PG on the roster and a decent pickup by Mullin. Traded from the Nets for lottery picks e.g. lottery protected for 2011 – so the Nets get it if the Warriors are in the playoffs. If it goes to 2012, the pick is protected 1-to-11. It’s protected 1-to-10 for 2013. If it is not conveyed by 2013, the Nets s\get second rounders in 2013 and 2015. Good luck trying to work that out.

But I like the move even though CJ Watson probably doesn't. His 3 point shot went up a drastic improvment from his rookie season and his court vision is better then CJ's. My only worry is his assist-to-turnover ratio is awful: 2.6/1.4 last year in short minutes and when you go into his secondary stats well don't go there. It's easy to see why the Nets got Keyoon Dooling rathger then keeping his contract. I don't see him getting serious playing time but if Williams is to get considered he needs to lose weight and work on his shooting a lot more. Still he has a potential to be a star such is the advantage of the Run and Gun system for any Point Guard plus looking at his dissapointing form with the Nets any Point Guard will be overshadowed when Jason Kidd ahead of you. Having C.J. Watson and Marcus Williams will give the Warriors a serious player at the position when Nelly decides to play small ball.

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