Monday, July 21, 2008

Golden State:108 New Jersey:84

The first game of the Rocky Mountain League was a huge success for the Warriors winning in easy fashion 108-84. Unfortunately no one saw it. Unlike the summer League in which it was easy to catch the games it appears fans have no way catching access of the games meaning it is near impossible to post up any news. Still going by the Boxscore and interesting recap alone. Seeing Randolph evolve as quickly as he has is a dream come true for Warriors fans. His Defensive game isn't polished at all but given the fact he's playing for a Coach who looks past those shortcomings don't be surprised if he plays a good amount of minutes next season

Anthony Randolph=Kevin Garnett part II

On a slightly different note the latest news from NBA free Agency is that the Dubs are close to giving Philadelphia 76ers Guard Louis Williams a Offer sheet. The only way I support this signing if he signs for 5 million a year. Anything more and he's a drastic overpayment. Louis Williams is Monta Ellis but slower, a worse finisher at the rim, and range out to the three point line and there is no doubt should the warriors go after him you could say au revouir to the 2008-2009 Free Agency class because the extensionns Monta and Biedrins deserve will take up most of the remaining cap spac. He doesn't have better vision them Monta although with the Point Guard list limited especially now that Dooling went to New Jersey Mullin might not have any other choice. I still say it's more likely CJ Watson gets resigned

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