Saturday, July 19, 2008

Warriors V Raptors Vegas 08

Well the final game of the Warriors Vegas Summer League tips off tonight before they head to Utah and a Rocky Mountain Revue starting on Monday. Had Jason Thompson missed that tip in with 17.6 seconds left they would probably have emerged undefeated but like I said winning or losing in this League matters little unless you were 0-6!. But I disgress. So many factors contributed to last nights loss whether it was Marco's 1-11 shooting or Hendrix still out (Stephen Lasme Part 2). Jason Thompson was a guy many draftniks said the Kings picked way too early but if he works out for them, just goes to show that all those mock drafts and "experts" really don't have much more insight than you and I. But it also reminded me that Mullin and Nelson threw out feelers that they wanted Thompson possibly getting the Kings to jump the gun and "reach" for him at #12. His numbers are nice looking as well 15 points on 53% shooting and 8.5 boards in 27 minutes a night.

Anyway our opponents tonight have little one of consequence except Joel Graham is the most recognizable player on their roster followed by Rod Benson famous for his well known blog Too much Rod Benson. He's only played in 4 minutes this summer league - that's why the Raptors are 1-3. Not sure why he's not playing more minutes (injury?) but he's a top D-League player and well worth checking out

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