Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Warriors going after Corey Maggette, Josh Smith and Iguodala

Following Barons departure you have to give the Warriors a certain amount of credit for at least trying to fill his void rather then be content with what they've got and be a lottery team as what has happenned in the past It looks if they've made an offer to Corey Maggette following Brands almost certain announcement he will stay in LA. By opting out of his deal Corey gave up 7 million. The Warriors can definitely sign him to a deal starting with that, which would be about a million more than the midlevel exception, which is all other teams can offer him (though I hear he’s looking for like $10). I don't know where the Corey love comes from yes he's a guy who can create offense when he's not in love with the jumper but other then that he's not worth going after.

Early 2004-2008 when the Warriors needed a 2-nd or 3rd option scorer it would have made perfect sense going after Maggette but I can't say I see the point of adding and most likely overpaying for Maggette on the free agent market when this team doesn't have Baron Davis or even Jason Richardson for that matter. This team needs passers and top tier scoring options right now, not 2nd or 3rd option scorer.

I also read that the Warriors are looking to go after Josh smith and Iguodala. Both would be decent fits and either would suffice but I'm pretty sure Atlanta and Philadelphia will offer them better deals. As things stand they would have a better chance making the Playoffs with those teams rather then the Warriors. If they do it will because the Warriors front office gets hoodwinked and offers some ridiculous Rashard Lewis type deal that even their own team won't match. Chances are the Warriors aren't going to get a single major impact free agent. For the most part you win in this league with stellar drafting and amazing trades. Two things the Warriors historically have been absolutely horrendous at.

Good times in Dubs land!

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