Saturday, July 5, 2008

Warriors announce 2008 Summer League Roster

The Warriors have announced the 2008 Summer League roster. The Summer League basically is a chance to give all fringe squad players and Players that don't get much playing time a chance to strut their stuff or at least thats my defintion of it. Even big performances like Marco's 37 point game don't gurantee you any Playing time. Without further ado here is the 2008 Warriors Summer League roster

Louis Amundson G 6-9 225 12/7/82 UNLV 2
18 Marco Belinelli G 6-5 192 3/25/86 Italy 1
11 Dion Dowell G/F 6-7 205 6/11/85 Houston R
35 Richard Hendrix F 6-9 255 11/15/86 Alabama R
31 Robert Kurz F 6-9 232 3/5/85 Notre Dame R
12 Reggie Larry F 6-6 225 10/20/86 Boise State R
28 Jamaal Moore G/F 6-6 195 7/6/83 Rice R
25 Anthony Morrow G 6-5 210 9/27/85 Georgia Tech R
21 DeMarcus Nelson G 6-4 200 11/2/85 Duke R
4 Anthony Randolph F 6-10 205 7/15/89 LSU R
10 Mykal Riley F 6-6 185 7/14/85 Alabama R
33 Tamar Slay G/F 6-8 215 4/2/80 Marshall 3
23 C.J. Watson G 6-2 175 4/17/84 Tennessee 1
32 Brandan Wright F 6-9 205 10/5/87 North Carolina 1
6 Ian Young G 6-3 200 9/27/81 Auburn R
Coach Keith Smart

*Roster subject to change

I think out of all of them Wright is the one I'm looking forward the most. Lets face it for a guy who did contribute but had an obvious case of the nerves I want to see whether he's worked on a go to Post move something which could seperate him from Andris Biedrins. If the nerves are gone and that kind of smoothness and composure that comes with knowing you belong on the court, he should be pretty good. After that it's a toss up between CJ Watson and De Marcus Nelson. He reminds me of a young version of either Matt Barnes or Brian Cardinal players who hustled and were pretty good Defenders. For a guy his size he's a pretty good rebounder and Defender.

Note to self Never get hyped about a Summer League performance again

Even in the current Point Guard crisis CJ Watson has the tools to be the backup. He's obviously not starter material but with an ability to score from anywhere with the fact he's cheap and hungry a Summer League success means he could be in the eyes of Nelson when the NBA Season resumes. Like Wright, he needs to have shaken that rookie uncertainty. If he’s playing like he knows he belongs, if he’s dominating in summer league, then I say ride with him and use those resources elsewhere.

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