Monday, July 28, 2008

Warriors sign Biedrins

Fortunately even after all the speculation about a possible move to Russia Biedrins was locked up to a long term deal at 6 years 63 million according to ESPN'S very own Marc Stein. The 6th year is a players option but it puts the Warriors up against the luxury tax which as we all know Cohan wouldn't want to pay. Because of his agent Robert Duffy using his intelligence with Russian teams bidding for his signature and no NBA team even wanting the guy Biedrins was paid serious money. If the contract is structured the same way as Monta Ellis' contract, the salary payouts could be equal throughout the 6 years of the contract. Obviously Biedrins brings numerous advantages to the Warriors which are listed below.

Rebounding As you could tell last season no Warriors player really bothered to rebound hence the difficulties in matching up against the likes of the Boozers or Garnett type players. Biedrins was the only one who crashed the boards night in night out which considering his limited minutes is a mean feat. Unlike some Centers his size the quickness he displays in going for a rebound was obviously noted when the Contract was given out.

Low Post defense Did anyone see the likes of Harrington trying to guard Marcus Camby or Elton Brand. At least with Biedrins you know you're going to have to work hard for your numbers although with Turiaf this could change things. Because of his low post defense guys like Baron or Jackson could scramble on Defense creating a disadvantage. Andris does his best to plug the holes before the offense finds them.

Half Court Offense Because of the sheer Run and Gun nature of the team Biedrins was used as a half court option along with Webber. Anytime Jackson and ellis wanted it he could run the pick and roll and showed flexbility that no previous warrior Center displayed. Andris is fluid with the ball and comfortable either putting it on the floor or keeping it safely tucked away and if he develops a more offensive array watch out. More importantly when Davis or Ellis looked to drive to the Basket Biedrins quickly cleared the floor unlike most big lumbering players ala Paul millsap and still be in good rebounding position. Not many players have the physical attributes Biedrins has.

For a offseason that began with a whimper when Davis departed and Maggette being given a horrible contract it now looks like being a success due to the extensions given to Monta and Andris, Kelenna's offer sheet being matched, The Turiaf and Williams acqusitions and Randolph impressing in Summer League means that even though little cap space is in line for the lucrative 2009-2010 Free Agency period unlike previous years they've kept their youngsters on board

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