Monday, July 21, 2008

Barnes departs for Phoenix while Turiaf is confirmed.

Well you can't say this hasn't been a boring offseason. It seems everyday transactions some surprising while some not happen. Yesterday we saw the departure of Matt Barnes who signed a one year veteran deal with the Phoenix Suns. I'm been mostly sympathetic with Barnes but after a career season in 06-07 it seemed that after his moms death it just had a horrible impact on his playing ability. Unfortunately something Turiaf needs to avoid is Nellie's doghouse a place where Barnes couldn't get out of last season. Every time Barnes took a bad shot you could tell his place in the rotation was slipping further. Every Warrior last year took bad shots but for some reason Barnes got the most rep. On the other hand I think his minutes would have taken away from Wrights and Randolphs development something which would have been a no no. As we saw last year with little playing time for the Rookies the veterans just got burned out and the Warriors imploded. The Front office is being smart and avoiding this scenario by giving them more PT. Senible move

The Warriors also announced the signing of Ronny Turiaf the Lakers refused to match the 4 year now 19 milliion deal. No doubt to me thats overpaying for a big man whom might even not see any playing time especially if Nelson continues his tradition of not playing his backup big man like last year. Then again I can see adding Turiaf means that for the first time in a while there will be a lot more depth that Nelson will be forced to use. It won't be a better team then the ones we saw the last two seasons but Baron was not worth $65M and eventually when Foyle's contract comes off the cap Mullins 10-man rotation, that has youth and versatility, will have some money next season

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