Monday, July 14, 2008

Warriors:96 Mavs:85

The Warriors improved to 2-0 in Summer League play with a routine 96-85 win over the Mavs. It was pretty much the same lineup as the previous encounter and the Mavericks played players with plenty of NBA experience to their name see Keith McLeod or gerald Green


A few notes just to take from today

: Randolph isn't a pass first player thats for sure. He shoots way too much. He also doesn't seem to work as hard on his defense as he does his offense. James Singleton beat him to the spot a few times and Randolph almost just let it go. His Defense needs working on but I love that demeanour he has looks to score and attack no matter what and has that toughness about him H his shot wasn't as efficent as it was against the 76ers but there is an era of smoothness about him that Marco never exhibited last year. He lost a bit of the toughness going out with the anklle injury early in the 1st quarter (he returned eventually) but going by his body language for a lottery pick he sure looks ready. Sooner or later the 10 to 14 picks will be in disbelief as to how they passed on him

: The stats will tell you Wright produced a 15 point 7 rebound performance but he never left his mark like Marco or Wright did aside from a few nice hook or bank shots. He's not had a breakout regular or summer League game yet but this is probably down to his development. I don't want to say he's not as mature as Randolph just yet but the overall signs are pointing to Anthony being a better player. Nice to see the body strength was added so he doesn't look as skinny and he did go up strong more then I can remember but it was a quiet performance.

: Marco was the star tonight thrilling the Vegas crowd with the nice no look passes, buzzer beaters and big dunks. He may be the star in July but I'm willing to bet come the Winter months when he gets more time in Nellie's system we'll see a lot or bricked shots such is tendency much like Jackson to chuck them up without him thinking. He was 9-19 from the floor but much of his shots were either a swish or a brick. His Ball Handling and court vision have gone up considerably though

: CJ doesn't look like starting material after this especially when Keith McLeod beat him down on Offense. I am convinced we need a floor general - someone who can direct traffic in the half court configuration. It looked a little chaotic at times.Didn't look like a guy who can run the team judging by his one assist credited on What worried me the most was his tentaviness he never made a pass down low instead he dished it off to Marco or Randolph. He doesn't work as a Point Guard a creator that this offense needs.

: Amundson might be a Training Camp invite hinging on whether the Lakers match Turiaf and how quickly Hendrix recovers quickly from his injury. I've said how much I like this guy because he provides the Matt Barnes of 06-07 role where he hustles for loose balls, rebounds with a lot of ferocity but took a lot of bad shots and if this had been a competive NBA game he would have fouled out within 12 minutes. Should Croshere and Barnes depart I would tip this guy to make the team.

It's only Summer League but it is a fascinating way of watching as to see if these players most not guranteed a contract will be able to fight their way into a NBA roster spot. With players like Amundson and Slay showing they might be capable of playing in Nellie's uptempo system it will be interesting in the next few months to see whether players like Azubuike or Croshere get waived so these examples might have a a chance of making the team

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