Friday, July 11, 2008

Golden State: 96 Philadelphia: 89 Randolph is Belinelli esque

I promise not to get too carried away unlike last year where Marco's at the time sensational debut was cancelled by the fact he contributed zilch throughout the season. However with the Warriors problems in the post who wouldn't get excited by Randolphs 30 point 8 boards, 2 blocks, 5 TO's on 12 of 18 shooting Summer League debut.


Even though he started of slowly like getting scored on by Young and then turning the ball over trying to drive the lane on the next possession Randolph calmed the nerves and stole the limelight in the matchup of bigs in fact pretty much everyone everyone here was/is a first-round pick: Wright, Young and Smith last year; Randolph and Speights this year. And Amundson played with the Sixers last year. But without drifting too far of point Randolph was big. He drove past everyone and finished on both sides of the rim, took two dribbles head faked and a swish. Yes the number 4 skinny guy called Anthony Randolph looked immense while driving to the hoop. It was easy to forget about his slow start.

For a team that needed pressence and the ability to drive into a crowded lane rather then take a 100th unnecessary rushed three Randolph might look like the guy who can address those needs. Yes he had far too many turnovers but without trying to overhype a player who's just completed a Summer League game he very well might play the guy Nellie plays as he knows Maggette will not address the above needs. Or he might not. No one knows when he's on board.

Some other notes to take from. Amundson who I've tipped to become a training Camp invite looks like a beast. Throws his 6'9 body around, constantly hustles for rebounds most notably on the offensive end. Could be a solid bet for a roster spot should Matt Barnes resigned. The irony here being Barnes took this exact route minus the Summer League on his way to having a breakout year in 06-07

Wright looked quiet on the lack of announcing telecast which was real fustrating but he had 17 points 5-for-7 shooting and 7 rebounds. Hendrix also didn't play because of injury. CJ Watson didn't show he was worthy of starter material First half line: 1-7 shooting, three assists, four turnovers, two steals. And just started the second half with an offensive foul.

And lastly the final note POB will be an ex Warrior as according to Boston Globe as the Celtics signed him to a two year deal the 2nd year being a team option. For a guy who can't defend Wisconsin's Brian Butch and Detroit Mercy's Ryvon Covile after just 15 min of practice, I dont think he is suited to play in this league so I'm surprised the C's of all people bought him on. A lot of it was down to motivation and I don't think the guy ever had the willingess to improve or the mentality. Much like Air France he won't be on the lengthy list of Warrior All Stars

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