Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What we learned from the Summer League

Though there still are some Rocky mountain League games left the last few weeks of the Summer League and the opening two games of the Rocky Mountain League have left us with some idea as to where our Youth movement is going as well combined with a little take on our signings.

Anthony Randolph Out of all the lottery picks so far he has the most NBA ready body. Thats a massive boost but obviously it's too early to see if it holds up. Defensively his shortcomings are well too known but like I said he's playing for a coach who can look past that or who doesn't care. Most impressively in one or two games he played the role of Ball Handler which could give even better minutes should the season start.

Marco Bellinelli Mr July seems to have excelled in Summer League competion but the real test fro him is with the Williams singing does he have any chance of forcing his way back in the rotation. His ball handling has improved but he constantly struggles on Defense and is probably the worst man to man Defender (saying a lot. For a streaky shooter he allows his man to get to the basket far too easy. In Training Camp we will get a better sense of his direction.

CJ Watson He's not had a good Summer League at all although his notable increase in Steals means unlike Marco he's trying at the Defensive end. His first step combined with a decent outside shot means even with the Marcus Williams signing he's still trying to push for minutes yet didn't really show any PG instincts yet. Howver the one thing that has always been a problem for him his court vision is still just that a problem it reamins to seen whther the Warriors put pen to paper come the 08-09 season.

Brandon Wright He's been the complete opposite to what I'd expect from Randolph. At times looking overwhelmed and inconsistent he doesn't look ready to deliver like last year. At times he would deliver a big dunk or a nice jump shot but he still doesn't look like delivering night in night out on the Offensive-Defensive end. Fortunately there is a lot of time for the Warriors but on a team that already has plenty of depth it would be nice to see even more of an improvment

Kelenna Azubuike: I've already explained that the Warriors should match and even with the question marks surronding him like a big decrease in explosivness he's still our best on the ball Defender and rebounded almost as well from the Guard spot as a certain Jason Richardson. Of course it all depends on how willing Mullin and co are willing to pay for Evans services and whether they believe Kelenna will be valuable. Even though Maurice Evans is a nice player with identical stats Kelenna at his age is much more valauble with a lot more upside.

Ronny Turiaf With the Turiaf addition we finally have a player with at least the strength to return some of the punishment. The only question remaining is can his toughness be like his Basketball skills. From watching him with his days from the Lakers to go wih his enthuiasm he instantly becomes our Shot Blocker and if he ever learned to box out properly his rebounding would be top notch. Much like kelenna he's the sort of player who gives you good minutes and at times even better.

Richard Hendrix His last two games in the Rocky Mountain League have shown he doesn't need to score at all to be considered contempt it's the little stuff like rebounding and shot blocking. My only worry is will he go down the path of Stephene Lasme who never had the chance to prove himself before being releases. However unlike Lasme who was one dimensional with his shot blocking I could easily see Hendrix make the roster alone with his rebounding.

Marcus Williams: Didn't have time to properly analysise this move but even though you look at his stats it's a low risk move especially since Marcus is young, cheap and with upside. Since the backup Point Guard was really non existant last year because of the Hudson debacle the Warriors got someone who is able to handle the ball, push the offense, and provide a stronger alternative to Monta on defense. With the overpaying for Maggette the Williams deal is a step in the right direction.

So with all these additions one thigs for sure. The Warriors without Baron aren't better nor will they come close to winning 48 games. But they are deeper and regardless of what people might say a Turiaf, Randolpph, Williams and Henrix unit hasd a better chance of working then Croshere, Webber and Hudson

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