Monday, July 7, 2008

Youtube Monday: Joe Smith and bad taste

Ok it's been a few days of slow news because Brand hasn't made his decision but it has been ages since I've done a Youtube Monday installment. Todays one is actually a bit unique. Unlike most Warrior videos on Youtube this one contains five seconds of footage featuring a Warrior bust. It's an Usher song from the album 8701. Song is called U remind me

U Remind Me Video

Why does this song even matter? Because it features someone related to the Warriors.

Warriors TRIVIA: Which former Warrior is represented in this video? (This answer could include anything related to the Warriors organization).

Joe Smith

I can't actuallly belieive this dude wasn't fired for bad taste. Who would be wearing a Joe Smith throwback in 2001? A Hardaway or Richmond one would have been more fitting

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