Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Free Agency Events Easily the most active day in a long time

Mullin doesn't know what he's doing. Hate to begin this post extremely harsh but the amount of contracts offered to supbar bench players after we learned the 76ers got Brand to a 5 year 82 million deal. So then what on earth propelled the front Office to offer Maggette a ludricious 5 year 50 million deal which it now looks as if he's accepted. A few points to take out of this day

Say hello to our newest Warrior

:The Warriors obviously offered Correy a 50 million dollar contract which is almost double the midlevel deals reportedly offered by the Spurs, Celtics and Pistons. All I can say if the deal foes through is this is another vast overpaying of a player by our Front Office that in the past almost killed the team see the contracts to Dunleavy and Foyle. It's mind bogging how anyone could trade away Richardsons 50 million contract and then give it to an inferior player such as Maggette. Contrary to what people think he won't be a good fit in Nelsons system he's a ball dominant three who relies on a half court game to get to the foul line off dribble penetration. He's well known for his lack of Defense and I don't see how this helps the young guns on this team Belinelli, Azubuike, Randolph, and possibly Wright. . He's efficent at scoring and unlike most of the roster he has the ability to get to the line but in the post Davis era he doesn't have the lockdown mentality they need if they want to make the transition to a successful Defensive team.

Oh and did I mention he's injury prone? He's never played a full season. The most games he's played was 77 and that was his rookie year in Orlando. So let me get this straight, Mullin doesn't want to extend Baron for 5 years because he's injury prone, but will sign Maggette for 5 years at $3 million less per year than Baron?

:Fire Mullin?

In terms of basketball and putting a winning team out there, it's debatable whether or not I'd keep him. I'd probably get rid of him. But he's really taking this entertainment business to the extreme. Even in the offseason he keeps Warrior fans on edge. Last year was the KG sweepstakes and this year we've got all sorts of drama. Taking out all basketball decisions, Mullin gets an A+ for keeping Warrior fans on the edge of their seats in what was thought to be a boring offseason. Entertainment at its best! Okay back to reality...

:Rumours also arising that the Warriors put an offer to Ronny Turiaf for 4 years 17 million the Lakers have a week to match the contract. Ronny is restricted, so if the Warriors sign him to an offer sheet, the Lakers can match. There are certain intangibles I like about Turiaf he's a hustler with a body not afraid to bang against anyone but at a distant glance further afield he doesn't look impressive. I can easily see him as a backup Center able to provide the minutes that Webber lacked last season If this does pan out true though how does this lead to the development of Hendrix. He will be wasting away on the bench should this result. . I really want a backup center who can't play at the same time as Biedrins or Wright. None of those guys has the offensive game to complement the other.

If the Warriors were going to lock up money in a restricted free agent, there's some high energy guy in Houston I would have liked, Carl Landry.

Pietrus has more then likely left for Orlando. I'm starting to think the Magic is our perrenial home for Players that never panned out see the Adonal Foyle move. Apparently the GM there (Otis Smith) likes Pietrus and considering Maurice Evans left they needed a Shooting Guard. Hey for a guy who has one of the lowest Basketball IQ's on the court, committs stupid fouls relentlessy, takes a lot of stupid shots most of them bricks I can't say I'll ever miss him. Unlike other ex warriors he won't become the list of players who have come back to haunt us He does play a spot of good Defense now and then but overall he was just a liability and fortuntely Mullin wasn't as stupid as to give him a new contract aka the Fisher one

: Just going back to the Brand move. He turned down a deal 10 million more then Philly and wanted to be the face of the 76ers. That was a straight slap in the face to the Warriors. Did the Warriors really think they were going to get a player better than Baron. Then again with the Clippers he turned down virtually the same amount Los Angeles got up to $80 million and was willing to renounce more players if necessary to give Brand more. Still, he chose Philly.

: We have a big roster right now should both signings be confirmed. Azubuike, Belinelli, and Watson are bench players Our starting line-up also now features Monta and 4 guys over 6-6. Jackson will probably start at SG because he can't rebound very well while Maggette doesn't take advantage of his size on Rebounding or Defensively but he should be able to run pretty well with the team. Our bench is pretty deep guys who are ready to contribute now (Harrington, Azubuike, Turiaf all ready to contribute and unlike last year Mullin and Cohan have given Nelson more pieces to work with

: Eventually Monta and Andris will want more then Maggette. I would give Ellis more money Say the Warriors start Monta at $9 a year (which would be $67.5M contract over six years). And say they start Biedrins at $8. Jackson would be the 5th highest paid player on the team . This is all based on assummptions but I doubt a player who's watched the Warriors reluctantly show the money to Barnes and Pietrus in the last offseason as well as allow Baron to opt out would be much interested in signing a new deal. Either way expect Jackson to possibly opt out when his deal expires as well.

: Lastly the Warriors aren't done yet or shouldn't be. Use the cap space used for Barons contract and go after Rasheed Wallace, Shawn Marion Lamar Odom or even trade Stephen Jackson - to get a proven All-Star. They all are one-and-done, which could give the Warriors cap space next year if they don’t work out. Even more likely ship Harrington out for a Point Guard. Why? Because Maggette will pick up his mid range scoring, Marco has the 3 point shooting down even though it's very streaky and Turiaf will take his spot at backup Center. With Hinrich, Felton, Lowry, maybe Billups on the market I'm not 100% sure either of those teams would need Harrington but PG is still their biggest need. Hard to imagine a backcourt of Ellis and Jackson.

With all this excitment lets not forget the summer League kicks off in a few days. Three months ago the Warriors 07-08 season finished against the now defunct Seattle Supersonics. Todat the 08-09 season is offically well underway


NickJ said...

If this is another ploy to get people to pass their opinions on the Warriors current issues/controversies well you’ve succeeded. I definately hope this isn’t the case when you could have probably done around 8 mil max for Maggette? he may bring some scoring to the table but will he be a difference maker?

I”m not convinced that he’ll make a difference in us getting the first pick in the lottery or the fifth. Get my drift? He’s not a difference maker for this team, Imo like a J. Smith might be because of his all around game.

He seems very limited in what he brings to the table and at this point with our team we simply need more.

Philyphil said...

There’s two problems with the Warriors right now

1. Monta is not going to be a productive pg, he is a small 2 guard
2. Small ball does not work (Warriors led the league in scoring last year and didn’t make the playoffs!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ws and they are the most exciting team in the league. But at some point, management needs to realize they can’t win championships with small ball…as proved by the Phoenix Suns the past 4 years

The Ws don’t need a backup pg, they need a starting pg so Monta can go crazy at shooting guard. In signing Maggette, we are now looking at a Monta, SJax, CM, BW, Andris starting lineup (which leaves no room for a starting point guard. The Ws should have saved that money, traded Al Harrington for a point guard, resigned Monta, Kelenna, and Andris, and just played the young guys for a year or two before the big free agent summer of 2010. I don’t want to wait for a winning season as much as the other person does, but either weay, the team they are building right now is NO better than last year…AND we didn’t even make the playoffs last year! Signing Maggette and Turiaf is a sign of panic. I hope Mullin plans on trading Maggette for a better fitting piece of the puzzle

Ray Gun said...

Matt Steinmetz of is all over this.

* First off, Maggette is injury prone. He’s been in the league nine seasons and has played 70 or more games just four times in his career. Maggette’s body says Iron Man; his stats say Tin Man.

* Maggette is a great sub, the kind of aggressive scorer you love coming off the bench. He has a shoot first mentality and is a mediocre defender at best. In other words, as a sixth man he’s great, as a starter he’s not.

* Maggette has made it clear he wants to start and be a primary offensive option. But he’s the type of high-maintenance player who doesn’t make teammates better. In fact, because he doesn’t create much, there tends to be a lot of standing around when he’s got the ball on the perimeter.

* Maggette has never played for a winner. His teams have missed the playoffs in eight of the nine seasons he’s been in the league. The one year a Maggette team made the playoffs was in 2006, when the Clippers made it to the postseason. That year Maggette played 32 games.

Corey Maggette at three years, $16 or $17 million or so … maybe. Corey Maggette at five years for $40 million? No way.

Also worth noting: The team that knows him best is apparently willing to let him go for cap space, while almost no team with big money to spend has made him their main target in free agency.

He found that team.

crzyafrican said...

I can't belieive you think we overpaid for Turiaf. Since when is $4.25M per year to a backup big man overpaying? Turiaf signed a similar contract to the one Reggie Evans signed a few years ago, when the Warriors were pursuing him. Except that Evans signed for more years and more money, and he is a one-dimensional rebounder.

Good deal either way