Friday, July 25, 2008

A final Goodbye post

Yes we all know by now that three of the Warriors from the 2006-2007 team (probably my favourite Warriors team of all time) have moved on to newer fields but in the interests of courtesy what is the harm in a goodbye post?. Never mind that Andris Biedrins will hopefully become the longest tenured Warrior these three players deserve recognition for their contributions for that magical last season and last year. Newver mind Croshere, Troy Hudson or C-Webb these three deserve major props

Baron Davis

I've been critical of Baron in the past claiming he was a guy who had more interest in promoting his film at the Sundance Fesitval rather then enhancing his Basketball skills but say what you want ever since Mullin made that trade the Warriors have been back on the Basketball map. His reputation for hitting big shots and getting players like Dunleavy or Biedrins involved with his no look passes and those awesome behind-the-back fake passes to himself, especially the one that led to a dunk over odom in the summer league… he remade the team, transforming them from losers a team with a reputation. It truly is shame that the Boom Dizzle-J-Rich never lasted as long as it should have but just thinking about the 16-5 run that team accompolished to make the Playoffs compared to the lethargy last years team showed during crunch time and there is a huge difference.

But now that Baron has gone to the Clippers the Monta Ellis era has began especially with his new contract extension. We don't know just how capable Monta is of carrying this Warriors Franchise but I know one thing expect more complaining of having missed the Playoffs from yours truly.

Matt Barnes

Barnes played Quarterback in High School snd much like Allen Iverson who also played the same position installed Football toughness. There were times when his flagrant fouls were stupidly unnceccesary but there were times when you just had to expressd admiration for how quickly he rose himself in the rotation. He'll probably be a one season wonder but he'll always be remembered by Warrior fans as a major role player in that magical run. And those half court baseball outlet passes. And the tackles, I mean hard fouls. And the 1 on 5 3 pointers

Mickael Pietrus

Au Revoir Pietrus

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