Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Warriors: 99 Bobcats:93

For those of you who actually watched with a grainy NBA telecast this game was overshadowed by the NBA events of the most ludricous trades of the Summer the Nuggest dealing Camby away to the Clippers for little more then a 2nd round pick. The Nuggest showed their attempts to rebuild were more serious then thought while the Clippers have a replacement for Brand fall straight into their lap. But I disgress. Tonights game was all about two players Marco and CJ


For those who missed the first two games this was the first opportunity since the last ever SuperSonics game to catch the youngsters in action. For the entire coaching staff it's become painfully obvious two things had better stay in Vegas for the youngsters defense and rebounding. Despite Randolphs absence with the news he was offically signed to a 2 year deal the Warriors strung together a win against a team that seemed to rely too heavily on DJ Augustin who looks like a decent prospect. Didn't see the game unfortunately but going by the boxscore luckily I could take a few notes

: Marco the Italian sharp and streaky shooter luckily had a hothand. His defense I would think still needs working on but he only missed six shots and was perfect on nine free throw attempts. Just in case the Warriors need a sharpshooter off the bench he might provide the role of Ray Allen or Rip Hamilton (they are starters of course just struggling to think off examples). I know it's only July but considering Baron's loss and aside from tonight CJ's inability to do much look for Marco to get more PT this year.

: I'm just not impressed with Wright thus far. His last two outings have been real quiet thus far and his rail thin body with little bulk is getting exposed. Once again he had a quiet 11 points with no blocks and only five rebounds despite playing 34 minutes. Not exactly what you want or expect from a first round pick

: The Guard who is suppossed to be feeding him the ball and isn't doing it so far CJ Watson could score tonight with 23 points but spend most of the game pounding the ball into the ground on the dribble or shooting free throws after being bumped. Everyting was being called. He still had 7 assists but a double double would not have been unreasonable

: The bench played well enough. Anthony Morrow provided depth by hitting all his shots but did little else to convince. De Marcus Nelson took 30% off his Training Camp chances by going 1-5 from the Free throw line. If you're a Guard and can't shoot well from the charity stripe forget about further progression onto the roster.

In the end Summer League is all about that. For people like Jeremeo Davidson he sets the barometer for Summer League success. Never much of an impact for the Bobcats at all last year he's fighting for a roster spot trying to convince Charlotte they got extra value in the J-Rich trade. For those players who look more lost then Davidson on the court the Vegas summer league is likely to produce good stories to tell the grandkids, but nothing resembling a guaranteed NBA contract.

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