Monday, December 31, 2007

Air France to leave Oakland?

Once the clock reaches 2008 Pietrus could be gone. The longest serving Warrior could become tradeable according to Geoff Leper of the Contra Costa Times.

Could Pietrus be jetting off to Miami?

After signing Pietrus to a one-year qualifying offer worth $3.47 million, the Warriors have been prohibited from dealing him for three months -- a limitation that ends Tuesday.

While both sides said they're not actively seeking a divorce, there is no doubt that Pietrus would still like to wind up with a team where he'll get more consistent playing time. And it's equally clear that the Warriors are open to the idea of dealing their longest-tenured player.

"If a trade is offered, I'll go," said Pietrus, who has the right to veto any deal because he would have to relinquish his "Larry Bird rights," potentially costing himself money on the free agent market next summer. "I'll give up my 'Bird rights' for 35 minutes (per game)."

If Pietrus does actually want to be traded the question is where?. No team in their right mind would want to look at a guy who's numbers are way way down from last season. His PPG are down from 11. 1 to 6 and even his Rebounding is down. If GM's wanted to take him at his best value 2006 was the best option because even though he stepped out of bounds more then any normal player would. His request that he plays 35 minutes per game is extremely laughable. In all honesty if he went to Miami even in the struggling state the're in does he honestly think he'll play that much He's a nice 8th 9th option off the bench but thats it. His career has peaked but he is a solid backup who can knock the 3-ball from the corners, hustle for some boards. All in all if the rumours prove true Pietrus could become a member of the Miami Heat.


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