Friday, December 14, 2007

Golden State V LA Lakers preview


Warriors V Lakers, 23rd game of the season on ESPN. It would usually be preamture to state at this stage of the season that this is a big game but from a personal feeling coming off a bad loss to the Trailblazers I think it is. Of course this is the first time that because of the silly new NBA rules which enable coaches to be miced up and players on nationally televised games . This is the first time the Warriors have been involved in this experiment and I bet avid NBA watchers are looking forward to what Don Nelson and the rest of the Golden State Warriors crew has to say *Sarcasm* Of course all pre-game, post-game and halftime talks will be shown so assumedly for any forthcoming opponents that are watching or care Nellie will provide a dumbed down version. I understand the ratings have gone down but honestly why do the NBA think this will attract better ratings at the expense of the coaches.. Nellie summarized it best when he said "auerbach would roll over in his grave". I agree

Anyway back to the game. Can the Warriors deafeat a Lakers team that is extremely well coached and smart team that closes out games. Can they end their nine game losing streak against the Lakers?. Will Nellie improve on his mediocre 10-15 record against Phil and make future addjustments needed for victory?. But the most important question of them all is Will the Dubs win.

Nothing like a bit of pregame inspiration for tonights matchup.

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Hudson plays too long yet again
B-Wright and POB meanwhile play only 12 minutes combined PT
Jackson holds Kobe to 26
No coach givies anything away during the micing up
Davis is the key factor getting 25 and 10 assists
Warriors by 8

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