Monday, December 24, 2007

Scott Skiles Fired as Bulls coach

This is a piece of unrelated Warriors news but Scott skiles the Bulls coach was fired today afer the Bulls dissapointing start of 9-16. To be honest even with a list of underachieving teams such as the Rockets or Jazz the Bulls always struck me as being the biggest underachievers this year. With a roster containing the likes of Luol Deng, Ben Gordn, Kirk Heinrich and Ben Wallace the Bulls should be at least better thein their record suggests. However it stinks off a stone cold move especially considering the day it was made. Yes Skiles lost the team towards the end of his coaching regime and earned a lot of crtisicm for his millitant style but on the other hand john Paxson deserves the blame here too. Last Summer he was unable to attract many of the stars to Chicago kobe Bryant, Garnett, Jermaine O Neal, Gasol but didn't persue it hard enough. The Ben Wallace deal and giving away Tyson Chandler has backfired massively because most Detroit fans will tell you two years ago in the ECF he was the most offensively limited player in the League. . His trade of Lemarcus Aldridge to the Blazers for Tryus Thomas even makes the selection of POB look good!.

But most of it was Skikes fault. He installed a hardworking style in the Windy city but he never turned the Bulls from good to great that most knew they were capable off. It's all very good sweaping the Miami Heat in 4 but against the Pistons the weaknesses were laid out for all to see despite a spirited fightback.Poor defense, lackluster offense, lack of desire, and Skiles rotations were horrible. Another case in point was a game in New Jersey last year where the Bulls could have locked up the no 2 seed he played a six man rotation the entire second half. When the Bulls started 2-8 it became clear that the 3 hour practices Skiles ran after a loss were taking it's toll. For Bulls fans the next few months will feel like those sluggish practices

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