Saturday, December 1, 2007

Payroll figures

According to GSOM the latest payroll figures don't make much pretty reading from a Golden State perspective. Like many fans it confirms the fact we're owned by a cheap owner who is unwilling to spend any sort of money to help an average company supported by diehards who for the last 12 years have been ranked in the top 10 NBA attendences. So what are the figures as of December 1st. Well here they are.

Dallas Mavericks Payroll: $95,604,543 Cap Room: $-39,974,543
New York Knicks Payroll: $95,394,773 Cap Room: $-39,764,773
Denver Nuggets Payroll: $83,816,899 Cap Room: $-28,186,899
Miami Heat Payroll: $75,015,603 Cap Room: $-19,385,603
Boston Celtics Payroll: $74,233,753 Cap Room: $-18,603,753
Philadelphia 76ers Payroll: $73,411,391 Cap Room: $-17,781,391
Portland Trail Blazers Payroll: $71,471,949 Cap Room: $-15,841,949
LA Lakers Payroll: $70,959,905 Cap Room: $-15,329,905
Phoenix Suns Payroll: $70,843,875 Cap Room: $-15,213,875
Washington Wizards Payroll: $67,757,751 Cap Room: $-12,127,751
Cleveland Cavaliers Payroll: $67,723,135 Cap Room: $-12,093,135
San Antonio Spurs Payroll: $67,493,962 Cap Room: $-11,863,962
New Jersey Nets Payroll: $67,469,420 Cap Room: $-11,839,420
(Tie-14) Houston Rockets Payroll: $67,178,388 Cap Room: $-11,548,388
(Tie-14) Indiana Pacers Payroll: $67,178,388 Cap Room: $-11,548,388
Toronto Raptors Payroll: $67,052,973 Cap Room: $-11,422,973
Detroit Pistons Payroll: $67,037,076 Cap Room: $-12,371,285
LA Clippers Payroll: $64,527,831 Cap Room: $-8,897,831
Minnesota Timberwolves Payroll: $64,413,259 Cap Room: $-8,783,259
Chicago Bulls Payroll: $64,153,975 Cap Room: $-8,523,975
Sacramento Kings Payroll: $63,693,604 Cap Room: $-8,063,604
Seattle SuperSonics Payroll: $63,521,101 Cap Room: $-7,891,101
Milwaukee Bucks Payroll: $63,648,469 Cap Room: $-8,018,469
New Orleans Hornets Payroll: $60,844,890 Cap Room: $-5,214,890
Utah Jazz Payroll: $60,065,044 Cap Room: $-4,435,044
Warriors Payroll: $58,586,885 Cap Room: $-2,956,885
Orlando Magic Payroll: $56,541,463 Cap Room: $-911,463
Memphis Grizzlies Payroll: $55,630,000 Cap Room: $0
Atlanta Hawks Payroll: $54,631,874 Cap Room: $1,098,126
Charlotte Bobcats Payroll: $52,875,736 Cap Room: $2,754,264

: There are only 4 teams on this list that have a cap below the debt range. Doesn't mean much as perhaps it means there not spending much on bringing in players.

: You either like or dislike Cuban for his antics as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks but you have to respect the product he's trying to create in Dallas. In 2000 when he took over Dallas was a town rapidly losing interest in it's Basketball franchise. Now that Cuban took over it's a tussel between the Mavs and the Cowboys for the main draw in town.

: What about those Knicks. They may be awful on the court although they did win last night, they have an awful owner in Joe Dolan and a clueless coach in Isiah Thomas but their payroll is the second highest in thw League. Oh well they have to do well at something.

: The Warriors and the Jazz appear to be two likeminded teams off the court despite completely contrasting styles off it. Both despite having the biggest increase in season Tickets upgrades are content with their product. Do the Jazz deserve a pass for this lassiez faire attitude.? I would think so as they are a small market team therefore not attracting big name Free Agents. It's different in Oakland who were close to getting Garnett last Summer and since then we know we have the marquee power to attract big name players.

: The Roaracle arena was brimming with noise from the playoffs last season especially in game 3 of the Utah series where ESPN were forced to put up a decibel noise counter. Fans brought into a product that had let them down for 12 straight years which is the beauty of sports you can be treated like dogs and still come back. Although this season the fans have been much quiter it's showing fustration at a business product thats refusing to move forward. I'll let GSOM sum up my points.

High ticket prices + higher concessions at the arena + the league's highest attendance + hungry, diehard fans regarded as the best in the league = a lower team payroll, no outright commitment to winning now (from the top, not the players and coaches who are giving their all night in and night out), and flexibility for a non-guaranteed bright future?I'm not a Mathematics PhD, but that just doesn't add up


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