Sunday, December 9, 2007

Golden State: 113 LA Lakers: 123: Whats new

Another Staples game another loss. As I said in my pregame preview write up the Warriors haven't won at the Staples Center since 2004 and are a horrifying 1-16 at this extremely quiet arena. Tonight they didn't even come close to breaking this trend.


SF Gate

:We kept Kobe in check . Yes he had his 28 points but his FG shooting tally shows he shot 9-23 and shot 2-6 from the 3 point line. Not the usual Kobe stats.

:DJ Mbenga I don't know whether it was garbage time but Mbenga actually looked competent on offense. His defense has always been the strong point of his game but tonight he actually played like a backup Center posting up 7 points in 14 minutes and holding his own against Bynum and Turiaf.

Baron Davis Faded away in the 2nd half although thats Nellie's fault after a strong first half performance but had an extremely solid game overall 20 points (7-17), 8 boards, 7 assists, 4 steals, and just 2 turnovers. He also had great defense on Kobe who couldn't post him up because of Baron's strength

Pietrus Any game where he doesn't step on the sideline with the ball is a postive but Pietrus coming back from his injury posted up a mightily impressive 14 points. His Offensive collection seems to have gotten better even with an ugly looking Zorro like mask on him.

Rebounding I probably sound like a broken record on this but we won the battle on the boards 47-38 no mean feat when you have hustle players like Turiaf or walton fighting for the boards. The Free Throw shooting percentage has also gone up we shot 17-22 tonight.

Staples Center deserves an award for the quietest Arena in the League


Bynum: I anticipated one of the Laker role players to have a breakout day and Bynum duly delievered. The words boxing out didn't mean much as Bynum posted up 20-11. I knew he posted up a double double in limited minutes but tonight he just dominated Beans, Harrington or whoever we threw at him. Maybe Kareems coaching is working. If he keeps up his strength and athleticsm he'll be a tough low pst threat to defend Odom and Radamonvic also posted up 14 each

Hudson: T-Hud showed signs he was capable of being backup at the point in the blowout win over the Bucks but tonight he fell flat once again. Nellie's stuborness meant he played 20 minutes which meant having to endure his 2-7 shooting. The 20 minutes he played were more then Barnes (19),Pietrus (17),Biedrins (13) and Harrington (16)this against a team as talented as the Lakers.

Smallball: Just reading the LA times game report they quote Phil Jackson as saying.

Over the years that I have coached against [Golden State Coach Don] Nelson," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said before the game, "there is always the mismatch that he tries to create. …You always have the idea that he wants to go smaller and smaller in order to get you to match up with his smaller players. ... I have tried to resist that over the years."

And yet despite Jacksons successful ressistance to fight off Smallball Nelson felt the need to stick with it. It's a sign of his stubborness and a lack of improvisation that we didn't change the offesnive gameplan especially when we're shooting 8-33 from 3 point range which equates to an ice cold 24.2%. As is often said you live or die by the three and tonight the Warriors dies. Bottom line Jackson outcoached Nellie.

Monta: Didn't have the worst game of his life but he didn't have the aggression he showed against the Heat. He could have taken more shots or drove to the lane more often but he passed on it a lot puzzzling because of the mismatches.

Difference: This isn't a great Laker team by any stretch but they are so weel coached it's unbelievable. Seven guys off the nech scored in double figures compared to just Air france (Pietrus) for the Warriors. The Triangle offense obviously demands a lot of percision and even when KB 24 has an off night others step in and pick up the slack. The warriors have nobody off the bench who can do this

Don't let the more postives then negative's get in the way of what was a tough but ugly loss and it really is neccessary to bounce back against the World Champion Spurs this Tuesday.

One word Horrible

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