Sunday, December 2, 2007

Golden State:109 Seattle:96

SF Gate The scoreboard was the only thing that worries Golden State tonight

We're on fire excuse the pun. Thats the only way I can explain a potential trap game being turned into a easy victory and the perfect way to prepare for tonights much tougher visit of the orlando Magic. The Warriors were barely tested and suffice to say the only real challenge presented to them by a disorriented Seattle unit was an incident in the 1st quarter when the scoreboard caught afire. Even then Golden State still ruised and our 0-6 start is all but forgotten in fans memories.


It was pretty much dominanace from start to finish with the Dubs shooting 50% from point 3 range and it's fastbreak excuting flawlessy. The boards weren't as big as a problem as expected as Beans showed his worth pulling down more then 18 and dominating against brusing Forward Chris Wilcox preparing himself perfectly for tonight matchup against Adonal Foyle. It also helps when Durrant the next big rookie shoots 2 for 12 but I'll give Jackson more then enough credit he showed on Wednesday against Sac town he was more then ready to compete with any offensive attribute (in that case it was Artests elbows) and tonight he put Durrant off his game while he chipped in with 20 himself. Surely sooner at the rate he'll be considered for a 1st or 2nd NBA Defensive spot. To look at it this way in his absence Golden State gave up on average 116 but right now we're giving up 100. Against hot shooter Turkelogu can't wait to see how he does. Even an idiot fan who was later ejected by Referee Bob Delaney couldn't put Jackson off his game. Also credit to Al Harrington who finished up with 20 and Kelenna with 14 both who had invaluable contributions to the scoring input and show that it doesn't always have to be dominated by Davis who had 14.

SF Gate Jackson D is instrumental

Very surprised once again to see DJ Mbenga get much more playing time then B-wright ever did. Brandon Wright got 6 minutes yet didn't show anything even with most of the Seattle bench playing. However he must use more of the time that Nelson allocates him otherwhise we have a situation where DJ Mbenga who is nowhere near as talented get more PT. The last minor downfall is Pietrus was lost to a facial injury taking a charge from Earl Watson. Last point before I wrap up was I love the way Monta played tonight especially the behind the back pass to Biedrins who layed it in. His maturity level has risen signifantly although I can't help wondering if the warriors reach the playoffs again will the character issues be put to rest?.

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hbomb said...

give mbenga a chance, at least the warriors are thinking playoff and knows that even the less talented big man in the planet could use 6 fouls against carlos boozer...remember last season playoff against utah.
When fully healthy and with more playing time experience I'm 100% sure he 'll be handy come playoff time where it gets physical down low against west coast centers and power fowards.
In his last playoff game with Dallas he was given 7 minutes against paul gasol since dampier and Diop were in foul trouble, gasol first 2 attempt were blocked by mbenga and gasol did not attmpt any filed goal because of the physical play of mbenga.