Sunday, December 16, 2007

Golden State: 87 Detroit: 109 Ice cold

It isn't often I don't like using excuses to wrap up what was tonight a ugly defeat but the combination of the horrible blizzardly weather outside and the early starting time meant the Warriors slumped to a 109-87 defeat.


Shooting: The wintry blizzrdly weather meant the Warriors were ice cold tonight shooting wise. From downtown they went 6-22 percentage wise it equates to just over 27%. Pure horrible shooting meant the Warriors never really stayed in the game especially from the charity stripe where they went 15-23. Consdering our Free Throws has picked up over recent weeks it's strange to see the Dubs regress a little.

Davis: I can easily forgive Davis for being out of sync tonight. He looked listless and tired as did the whole team. Besides how often does your star Guard get 2 points in 23 minutes. It was a spectacular downfall form his heroics on national TV against the Lakers on Friday but facing CHauncey Billups is a whole lot different to facing the likes of Derek Fisher talent wise.

Starting time: I don't think this loss was down to the players it was down to the starting time. For the entire game the warriors struggled to get into any gear offensively and turned the ball over 17 times well below the average of Nellieball and as I expected they lost the battle of the board 47-32. In the 2nd quarter the Pistons went on a 17-1 run the team looking rested and comfortable as expected which killed the game. It still bought up the inability to deal with a big frontcourt espcially Teyshaun Prince. Prince is always an excellent Defender and I always knew he had a solid offensive game but tonight he pretty much dominated collecting 23 points. Pistons fans are probably still hard on him for his horrible shooting performances in the Eastern Conference Finals last year but based on tonight he should have a good year. Defensively just to add the Warriors were horrendous.

Too much of this

Croshere I've been hard on Croshere most of the season but tonight when everyone gave up he showed some desire essential to making your case for more minutes. On a night where our inside game was non existant (Harrington 7 points and Biedrins9) Croshere provided the instant spark on a night with few positives. Yes he got dunked on but in all honesty who cares?.

Bench: With the score the way it was the main positive was seeing playing time for the rookie's. Brandon Wright played well getting 10 points and showing that even with Nellie's dislike of rookies Wright is capable of forcing his way onto the team.Once he gets some muscle and gets stronger, those dunks won't blocked and he is going to be a force to be reckoned. I see he has also added a midrange Jumper to his game but the one thing keeping him out of the starting rotation is his FT shooting and his shot selection. Marco also played ok hit a nice 3 pointer and appears to have quick hands forcing Affalo to readjust his positioning.He has yet to add passing, rebounding, or D unfortunately . Msjor credit to Matt Barnes though. He appeared to be the only one even remotely trying out there and 16 points off the bench combined with 6 Rebounds and 5 assists shows how much of a hustler he is. On a night where positives were hard to come by the bench was one of the minimal.#

Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do when they come for you

POB and Troy Hudson: Earlier this season I said it was a silly move by the front office not to pick up the 3rd year option in his contract. Now I'm glad. He's the lazy ineffectual type of person that Nellie hates just ask DunMurphy. One wonders how Mbenga is ahead of him in the rotation yes a dud ahead of a lottery pick. Strange but so was not playing Hudson. It's amazing just how indecisive we are about if he's the right fit for this team. Then again you'd think Davis with his injury selction would have one by now. Fisher had a questionable shot selection and Monta is a pure shooter. Seriously how long does it take?

Yes it's a terrible start to the 5 game road trip ahead for Golden State. But honestly I hope the NBA changes the 9.30 AM start rule on the West Coast. It was quite clear the Warriors were on a different timezone. Why does the NBA insist in carrying over this rule when anway at a time like this they are competing with ratings for Football. Why not have it at the East Coast time of 7.30 4.30 Western. The League has made stupid decisions the past couple of years and this is one of them. Without Gasol tommorow life can made a bit easier for Golden State but tonight was hard to swallow

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