Sunday, December 30, 2007

Golden State v Denver preview


What a 2007 it's been. Hard to believe in a year full of action so many amazing stuff went down the DunMuprhy trade, the Warriors ending the streak and causing the greatest playoff upset of all time and with all the TV coverage and merchandise sales received there is every indication this is some gold period for Warriors Basketball. Ok thi isn't tecnhically the last game of 2007 thats tommorow night in Houston but for all Warrior fans accross the world this has been a memorable year. They have much more athletic players now, have one of the best PG in the game in Baron Davis and for once have a coach who knows what he's doing aka Don Nelson. It is not an exaggeration to say 2007 will be remembered fondly.

No point discussing the Nuggets that much further as it was done in the previous game Preview but one thing the warriors haven't done often this season is lose twice on the road since 0-6. Are they capable of mantaining this, If they can find a way to stop A.I, somehow limit Camby to a low offensive Rebounding production and do the same to Melo then Golden State has a chance. Either way it's hard to see aW tonight.

Kleize gets 15
The Warriors shoot 42% from downtown
Camby gets 18 and 14
Nuggets by 10

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AJC317 said...

nice win
didn't play very well but fortunately the nuggets played even worse