Sunday, December 9, 2007

Golden State Versus LA Lakers Preview


It's time to visit tinseltown maybe the perfect time to do so after a sweet comeback victory over the Miami Heat. The Lakers were one of the very few Western Conference teams to sweep Golden State last seaosn a depressing stat for Golden State fans. There was the opening night shocker where we succesfully made Ronny Turiaf look like an All Star Forward, a tough 5 point loss in the Staples, another blowout in Oakland and a Kobe shooting display in game 4 combined with a 30 Rebounding disparity in favour of the Lakers meant it was a series sweep. This may come as a bad time to say such a stat but the best coach during the 12 year drought Eric Musselman also remains the only coach in three years to achieve a Warriors victory in the Staples Center a 96-85 victory over the LA Clippers . This means we've lost 15 straight games to the Clippers and the Lakers at the Staples. The Heat game proved how much character this team has but if they really want to prove it tonight a win here would be a giant monkey off our back sorry for the cliche.

This game is part of NBA heritage Week a big celebration and aprreciation of what the League has to offer. I don't visit as often as I should but props to them for coming uo with an interesting and diversive idea

Always a daunting place to visit

Rebounding: Having heavy doeses of Bynum, Mihn or Turiaf can't be good. The main problem in our last two point loss at the Staples Center to a Lakers team was the 63-33 Rebounding disparity and 21 offensive rebounds. Harrington and Beans really need to get the boards tonight.

Lakers Role players: Kobe will get his points he's too good not too. But the main key to this game is making sure the Lakers supporting cast don't do the same. On opening night a Kobeless Lakers managaged to easily overcome the warriors. In the rare event that Kobe has a rare offnight make sure people like Luke Walton, Lamar Odom, Turiaf or Bynum don't go off.

Tempo Both teams play at an extremely high tempo believe it or not there are even stats which show the Warriors play at the fourth highest tempo at the Leage LA at 6th. Try and suck the Lakers into smallball like we did to Pat Riley who's line of thinking he would try and beat Golden State at their own game was a colossal mistake. Harrington will start at Center and expect a ton of outside shoots. IF the Warriors fall behind like they did against Miami and take as much Outside shots as they did will they fall this time. We shall see.

Man you seriously think you can guard me please

Kobe goes off for 35
Davis has a big game in his hometown
Bynum gets 18 and 10
Jackson hits five 3 pointers
Warriors by 6

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