Monday, December 17, 2007

Golden State V Memphis Preview


After the motown horror on Sunday night tonight the Dubs now face the task of beating a Gasol less Memphis Grizzlies. Sounds easy right?. Well not really as Memphis boast an achievment we were incapable off beating the Magic in a 123-119 thriller. With the Dubs coming off a slugish performance in Detroit looking slow as well Memphis could pose a threat tonight. Yes they lie at 7-16 but they have more then a few Warrior killers on their roster Mike Miller the most notable. Seriously I always knew he had a nice midrange game but in two out of three games in which these two met he had 78 points combined including a 45 point game in a 118-115 win for Golden State in OT. If the Warriors are to get out of the home of country music it's essential they put a body on this guy. No doubt Brandon Wright will get some playing time. There were so many negatives in Detroit but he was one of the few postives. He's a better Defender then Harrington which isn't saying much and he showed hustle when all was lost but he needs to get a better variety of moves in his offensive game rather then the same awkwardly floating fadeaway jumper from 15 feet next to the baseline. Only then can he become unstoppable

Mike Miller gets 30 and 10
Damon Stoudamire becomes the unspecting Warrior killer
Davis comes back from two points to 25
Biedrins has 17 and 12
Warriors by 12

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