Friday, December 7, 2007

Golden State V Miami Heat Preview


Isn't it nice being a Warriors fan at the moment. Coming off a dominant display against the Bucks and a six game winning streak as well as 10 wins from 12 before the heartbreaker against the Magic it's no wonder the Oakland Tribune and ESPN have given us some overdue love. Tonight the warriors play a Miami team that is better then it's record indicates but I'm still confident Golden State wins. The Heat are coming off four consecutive losses and tonight are at the tail end of a back to back but to be fair it isn't helping that their aging superstar Shaq isn't playing to his potential. Surpisingly for his size he had a fair amount of quickness along with a nice first step but that has disappeared from his game. He's atill a physical imposing force but his offensive repotorie has disappeared. Perhaps since Ali G owned him in this upcoming youtube clip he hasn't been the same.


Barnes comes up big
Shaq has foul trouble
Dwayne Wade has 25
Warriors by 14

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