Sunday, December 16, 2007

Golden State Warriors V Detroit Pistons Preview


Today the Warriors take on the Pistons in one of the most intimidating arena's in the League alongside the Utah Jazz. It's scary to remember the brawl in 2004 as the focal point but what reallly bugged me was that Artest and Jackson received 90% of the blame when by default the majority of fans in the Arena provoked such an attack. Not saying that Artest and Jackson were angels. All teams have fans who act like idiots even the Warriors have a few but for some reason the Pistons and the Jazz appear to have two of the worst. In fact a few weeks after this incident spare change was thrown at then Sixers Guard Allen Iverson. Their nonsensical attitude has caused the League to enforce rules such as the dress code or even the low tolerance when it comes to Referring although the irony in this is Tim Donaghy. What I'm trying to say is I've had a long standard hatred of the Pistons.

Anyway back to the preview. Over the last 10 games the Warriors are 7-3 while the Pistons are 8-2 and lie at 16-7. Flip sanders may have a reputation for looking out of depth in the leastern Conference Finals but I give him props for taking a Pistons squad to the top everywhere. Had Joe dumars not made the dumb decision to take darko Milicic (who has his fans the Pistons would be a deep dynasty although not to the same standard they were in the 80's. Still the amount of depth (Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace,Antonio McDyess, Jason Maxiell, and Amir Johnson) is something Warrior fans can look at in deep envy. They also have a multitalented backcourt in Billups and Hamilton. The recent trade with Charlotte made things even more interesting and in a conference of the Eastern Conference standard they are a shoe in to play Boston.

Last season the Warriors swept the Pistons in the Oracle right when the Muprhleavy sisters were playing and in . Auburn Hills right after the Washington debacle which started the 16-5 runEarlier this year there was a 22 point lead blown at home. during the 0-6 start. Ultimately it proves the Warrior have the talent to beat the Pistons but it's all about savy and patience. However the ridiclous 9.30 West coast start might mean the changing of different time zones might prove too much for the Warriors.

Barnes gets 10 and 5
Davis finishes with a trouble double
Pistons win the Boards battle by 9
Hamilton becomes the Warrior killer
Warriors come out sleepy because of the early start
Pistons by 10

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