Sunday, December 2, 2007

Golden State V Seattle Preview


Isn't is interesting what fate throws at you?. Over the next two days the Warriors face opponents that have had a player and coach hugely involved in the 12 year Playoff drought. Tonight the coach involved is none other then PJ Carelisimo who as a Coach was about as useful to the Warriors as Cohan is now. Not only did he have a 40-92 record as a Head Coach (although his season was affected because of the Lockout)he will be also remembered for the Sprewell choke, the drafting Bimbo Coles, Duane Ferrell and the #10 pick (Jason Terry) for Mookie Blaylock and the #21 pick, Mullin being traded for Dampier, the trading of Joe Smith and Antawn Jamison in a trade for Vince Carter and well you get the picture. Sadly he will also be famous for the Draft day line he uttered when Adonal Foyle was drafted over T-Mac.

"There's a chance that Tracy's going to be a fabulous player,'' Carlesimo said last night. ``But there's a chance Adonal's going to be terrific for us".

Of course Foyle as of this year is averaging 2.1 PPG while T-Mac is averaging 25.9.

Hey I want some mustard on that Dog

Darkest moment in our history oynund

But apart from PJ what else is there to look forward to in this matchup. Well there's Durrant for starters. Yes he's not the finsished product yet but in his last game against the Pacers he had 35 points and 5 boards and hit the winning shot against the Atlanta Hawks so there are signs his game is maturing. Whether we know the decision to attend one year of College was benefical is another story but his game has benefited. I also would expect wilcox to address our Rebounding difficulties and pull down at least 13-15 but that shouldn't hinder the outcome of the game. Going by Golden States winning streak and Seattles miserable record this may be a trap game but I fully expect the Dubs to have a more challenging game against the Orlando Magic tommorow.

Wilcox gets 15 and 12
Davis posts up another double double
Fans get restless and start booing
Commenators make numerous references to the choke
Durrant posts up 16
Warriors win by 13

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