Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Golden State V Minnesota Preview


So this is how the T-wolves look without KG. It's pretty scary but as I'll say it again it stuns me the NBA Commish didn't persue an investigation into the dealings of Garnett to Boston. As we all know and even the most diehard Celtics fan would admit Kevin Mchale's roots with the Celtics led him to give away his prized Superstar. Boston are 22-3 the T-Wolves are 4- 22 almost a role reversal. Minnesota aren't that of a team most of their games haven't been decided until the final minutes and gave the Warriors an actual scare leading by 8 at the half before losing 111-98. As their young roster shows the main problem is they don't have a go to guy in the final minutes to decide the game. As long as there bad however the Warriors have one less team to worry about in this ultra competive conference. Here's a look at their young roster.

White people can't jump nor dance

Al Jefferson: He was one of the very few bright spots of the K.G trade but I can't wait to see how he plays tonight. Averaging 20 PPG he has the chance to become involved deeply in All Star Weekend at this rate. His 5 years $55 million contract would put most teams off in a heartbeat but unlike most players he justifies the price talk.

Craig Smith: A high energy hustle guy who lives off ardenaline if the T-Wolves are to actually put up an unlikely W he's the threat.

Corey Brewer Has the potential to become the new Teyshaun Prince but like Prince in his rookie years his game is still raw. A wait and see here.

Antoine Walker His constant throwing up of 3's is one of the reasons why the T-Wolves are 4-22. Seriously I always knew his offensive limitations had a big gap but why the T-Wolves are giving him any PT with the youngsters they have on the team is just a strange coaching decision by Randy Wittman

Sebastian Telfair He's producing unlike his spells in Portland or Boston. Much like his cousing after he was traded to New York from Phoenix the Garnett trade has revived Terlfairs game. A family thing?

Apart from all the young talent Antoine Walker the exception the Warriors should win tonight. Yes there could be little traps such as Minny coming off a 131-119 win over Dunmuprhy's pacers and having that extra little confidence but the Warriors came off a nice victory in Cleveland so that cancels out. This is probably my 5th time saying it but hopefully after the ridiculous PT Davis and Jackson got in Cleveland it's rookie time for Marco and Brandon Wright tonight. I mena the only way Minny can put up the W tonight is like the New Jersey game Warriors come out flat and overconfident and miss a lot of shots or Al Jefferson goes 20-20. If the Warriors can stop Jefferson and Smith from putting up big games the W is there. Note the if but I can't see them losing theis game Other then that in my new state of overconfidence the Warriors to put up the W esential when you have the Nuggets back to back, Houston and Dallas all coming up. ~One last thing if the Warriors win do we have to listen to former Stanford alum Mark Madsen and his victory speech. because thats the only more painful expereince after possibly putting up an L

Marco gets 6 points
Baron plays 30 minutes
Warriors knock down 7 3's
B-Wright and POB get 15 minutes of PT
Warriors by 20

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