Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who should be the next backup PG?

Well with Troy hudson finished the position most fans know we're vulnerable at still needs to be solved. There is a whole list of Point Guards out there that can give serivicable time when Baron Davis is out. My list is as follows.

Gary Payton

The only reason I can see him coming to Oakland is he's from there but either way this would be a disasterous singing. I can't imagine a 39 year old trying to play at Nelsons high pace day in day out. Yes his nickname the Glove often fitted him perfectly with his tight Defense and constant trash talk but his performances over the last few years have declined steadily and right now I can't imagine him being a effective upgrade over Hudson. To use an anology it would be the equivalent of picking up Magic old and out of shape. GP now that he's got his ring just retire gracefully.

Earl Boykins

Yes the picture don't lie Boykins was a former Warrior playing in the Musselman era but the money he wants is nothing near to what the Warriors should be paying him $4 million. Because of his limited height he can't play Defense to save his life and he really is the worlds smallest SG one of the reasons he's bounced around from the Nuggets to the Bucks. His tendency to shoot a lot fits perfectly on the Warriors and he is a good shooter but the Salary and the Lack of D is a no.

Jay Williams

This really would be a gamble. After the infamous motorcycle accident Williams hasn't played in the League and I cnan't see Mullin even pursuing this kid. He might have been a solid player before the incident but if he was worthy of the spot surely teams would be taking a closer look. He seems to suffer from the Duke curse of players not doing well in the NBA see Bobby Hurley,Christian Laettner, Trajan Langdon or Danny Ferry. A no here as well

John Lucas

Of all the moves on the list this would be the more likely. He can't shoot the ball as well as Boykins but he fits the role perfectly because he's more of a distributor something which this role requires. He's quick, gets to the Basket easily and basically has all the offensive attributes for Nellieball. However like the PG's I listed he dissapears for long stretches and like Boykins although not to the same extent is undersized which is a problem when facing the top tier of PG's in the West.

There's not really anyone on the Free agency list that sticks out. Should the Warriors decide to trade here are 3 options I think would make the most sense.

Steve Blake

It's unlikely the Jailblazers would want to give anything up especially now that they've won 10 straight but Blake is the consumate pro, has the experience and fits perfectly into the sysstem. He can shoot and is a leader. However would Portland give him up. Pretty unlikely.

Carlos Arroyo

Just look at the Magic's Guard and it's obvious they don't need him. Much like Blake he fits the role in that even with a 4 million contract unlike Boykins he's worth it. He's a great passer and basically of all the trades made this is the one maybe the Warriors should look at.

Jannero Pargo

You know you've earned even the slighest bit of recognition in this League when Phil Jackson in his excellent book The last season a team in search of it's soul claimed it was a mistake putting Pargo on wavers because he had the footspeed unlike Payton to contain Parker in the 0.4 series. Pargo even with the Hornets pursuing a playoff spot is someone I like. His footspead, Cheap Contract 2 million with a players option 2M next season and clutuch outside shooting are good intangibles in a Guard. This would be the trade I'd like.

Now that I've gone through the Free agents and trades that make sense why not try the Guards that don't. There are at least one I can think off.

Smush Parker

Avoid like the plague. He has the most questionable attitude out of all the Guards I listed see the Miami car valet incident or on the Lakers bench last season where in a game against Seattle he had a outburst with Phil Jackson over his limited PT even though surely his bad shooting, inconsitency, bad Free Throw Shooting and an ego the size of a whale it might be best to ignore.

Of all the options I think Mullin will wait and see. He has a tendency to do the unexpected and do what no one else would have thought see the Richardson trade or the DunMuprhy ones or even hire Don Nelson. The most likely scenario is when it's decided the likely Guard will come from out of the blue

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