Monday, December 31, 2007

Golden State V Houston preview


With this possibly being the last post before I head off on holidays I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. Hopefully 2008 will be as succesful as 2007 was for Warrior fans. Arguably this is one heck of a time to be a dubs fans a time where we can forget about Cohan screwing up the team for now and anticipate some good ball being played. The game against Houston shall provide an indicator of how well we're good on the road against mediocre teams. Yes the once playoff chokers Rockets are virtually the definition of medicore as they've started out 15-15 and one finds hard to believe that with a Yao-T-mac combo and a dangerous 3 point shooter in Shane Battier they've started this way. Funny thing is across the Internet there are kinds of reports suggesting T-Mac can't play because of a sore Left Knee. Even if he doesn't play there's still Luther Head and Bonzi Wells to worry about as well as Houston's 2-0 record without him. The problem with McGrady is he dominate his team's tempo too much which isn't a good thing for Houston

For golden State looking forward to seeing Al against Yao. Part of the reason Golden State won so easily last time they played was Harrington fronting Yao on every poccession and making it difficult for him to set his tempo leaving it up to MCgrady to do the rest. They also ran the Rockets out of the building. I don't think they can do the same tonight but either way happy new year to all the readers of this blog.

Happy new year everyone

jackson does a good job of T-Mac if he plays
Al limits Yao to 15 points
Biedrins goes for 16 and 12
Davis falls 4 assists shy of a Triple double
Warriors by 6

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