Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Golden State V Minnesota preview


Tonight the warriors face off against the worst team in the League the Minnesota Timberwolves colder then the weather itself. It's hard to believe that Minnesota are 3 years removed from a Western Conference Finals appearance to now being in the doldrums at the bottom of the League thanks to the genorosity of Kevin Mchale and the Garnett trade. It's obvious just how much of a turnning point that was in Minnesota's decline a former teamamte helping the rise of the Boston Celtic's. Unsurprisingly the records are comppletely different Boston lies on top of the Eastern conference 20-2 whilst Minnesota lies bottom of the West at 3-20. With the young talent they acquired in the trade however there's more then enough reason to actually believe Minnesota starts winning. Al Jefferson is a borderline all star, Sebastian Telfair unlike his Portland and Boston days is actually producing, Corey Brewer who ha picked up the pace etc. If it wasn't for Kevin Mchale an his fellow alleagiance to the Bosotn Celtics there is every chance the Twolves could have stolen the limelight away from the Minnesota Vikings. As it is we'll never know.

Could the 06 team beat this years Minny team though?

The one to watch out for tonight is Craig Smith. Even with a young lineup he's stepped into Garnetts shoes perfectly and posted up two 30 point games in the month of December alone. Yes you read that correctly. He reminds me of a Mike Miller, Jason Maxwell or Paul Millsap all who have the potential to easily destroy our Frontcourt. Having said that I'll give the team props because in a recent article it showed our team Reebounding has collectively picked up so credit to whatever Keith Smart or indeed Nelson is teaching them

Not a whole lot I can really say about tonight apart from it would be stupid if Golden State didn't come out of the twin cities with a 2-1 road trip record. Unlike some games last season the one postive note is that Golden State are beating mediocre teams unlike last season. It's not often when I feel overconfident before a game but in this case I do.

Just to add to my positive post it;s been announced that our backup PG Troy Hudson could possibly be needing a replacment Hip effectively ending his career. Troy has been so ineffective in most games for the warriors that most fans will be glad to see his back. With a free agency pool of Earl Boykins, Gary Payton, Keyon Dooling & Chris Duhon over the next few weeks the Warriors really need to make a move otherwhise it could spell doomsday for Baron.

Craig Smith to have 20 and 10
POB plays just 5 minutes
Baron lands just short of a triple double
We shoot 57% from downtown
Warriors by 9

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