Monday, November 5, 2007

Irish Warriors Hall of fame: Eric sleepy Floyd

In 1987 one of the games greatest Playoff memories happenned. It seemed a fairly innocent time for it to happen as well. The 1987 Los angeles Lakers were crusing against a Golden State team who had yet to shown up for this series. Down 3-0 their Roster contained such greats like Barry Carroll, Larry Smith, Greg Ballard, Jerome Whitehead and Terry Teagle. Chris Mullin who later was developed into another Star was on the bench because of alcohol problems. Before I jump in to show how good a moment let me provide some background information.

Sleepy Floyd really didn't reach the Basketball heights until Georgetown recruited him. He fit right in with the Hoyas style of Offense and became the most prolific scorer in their history averaging a incredible 56% in his sophmore year. No matter how good a scorer in college Floyd was however it's very likely had Allen Iverson stayed 3 more years in College he would have broken it. Other then that his 55% overall shooting ranked 9th in assists and four consecutive scoring titles in Georgetown meant not only could one make a case for him being the best Hoyas player ever it meant NBA scouts started heavily scouting Floyd. The New Jersey Nets were foruntate enough to hold the 13th pick and they duly took Sleepy.

Whether it was the organisation or the coaching staff no one knows Floyd never hit it off there averaging 5. 3 points a game. The Nets decided in his Rookie year he wasn't worth keeping so he was traded to the Golden State Warriors for Michael Richardson one of the few trades this franchise has gotten right. With new surrondings Floyd blossomed his PPG going dramitcally up from 5 with the Nets to to 16.5. For years he became the explosive good scorer and outside Shooter Dubs fans knew he waas capable off rewarded by an All star appearance in 1987. When Golden State made the playoffs exciting the fan base the Lakers fuly dealt with them which was too be expected. The 1987 LA Lakers were one of the better teams Pat Riley coached helped by the fact that role players such as Mychal Thompson Kurt Rambis, Byron Scott could easily have started for any other team. Floyd was going up against Copper the Leagues best Defender. When the game was finished for the only time in his career Coop was beat bad.


Floyd had an NBA record 29 points in a quarter and 51 overall. There are some teams today who would struggle to even score 29 in a quarter. It is one of the greatest indivdualistic performances. He also scored 26 of Golden States last 28 points. Whether it is better then what Lebron did in game 5 against the Pistons last season is up for debate. As a mark of loyalty Floyd was shipped to Houston along with Joe Barry Caroll for Ralph Sampson and Steve Harris. Sadly Sampson was a shadow of the player he was at Houston and his back troubles worsened meaning Golden State lost out big time. Despite bcoming a shadow of the player he was at Houston and later San Antonio respectively Floyd deserves to be the first induction of the Irish Warriors Hall Of Fame

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