Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Golden State:104 Detroit:111 Another one bites the dust

There's not much you can say when you blow a 22 point lead at home. From the get go the Warriors decided to play classic Nllie ball yet it all blew in their face in 3rd quarter when Prince and Hamilton proved too much


Grabbing a 22 point lead the guys looked good out there doubling the advantage of everything. Around the 1st period it was 28-13 and 12-6 in points in the paint. However they collapsed. Detroit went into that Zone Defense which made the Warriors Offense go completely slower. The three point shots weren't being made in fact the Warriors were 13-34 overall from 3 good for 38%. The lack of any improvistation right after detroit changed Defense was obvious. Sadly after this loss and with Minnesota and seattle winning the Warriors are now the worst team in the NBA. Not good.

The free throw line has also been our ultra nemisis. Shooting an avergae 62% even when Biedrins went 6 for 6 it is clear that this has been one of our main problems of this season. The usla culprits Monta, Baron and Wright were the problem. I actually thought the way Brandon Wright played was much more active then recent games. He had 4 Rebounds and earned his first FG dunk. He caused matchup for the Pistons. Biedrins also played well it seems the ability he lacks to create his own shot is improving and posted up a solid 11 and 11. Keep this up and that Contract extension he craves will be a done thing. Even one of the few posisitve things of last night was the fact we looked like the warriors of the 16-5 run. Running up and down the court, creating open shots against a defensive minded team like detroit it caused chaos. Good to see. Despite these positives we are the worst team in the NBA right now giving up 118 points per game and letting the opposing team shoot better than 50% from the field, by far the worst in the league
is horrible.

It is also time for Warrior fans to seriously start thinking of whether Nelson is really the right coach for golden State or start thinking off making a blockbuster trade. One of the common misconceptions along Dubs fans is Nelson led us to the Playoffs. He didn't. We just started to get really hot hence the 16-5 run and the Dallas shocker. The lack of disclipine e.g. the silly 3's and the lack of any improvisation when Detroit went into a zone means we really need to stop worshipping and start thinking off the future direction of Golden State. Siging T-Hud and Perovic both getting limited Playing time isn't going to cut it. Sadly Mullins plan of doing nothing in the Offseason has come back to haunt him.

An 0-6 start is embarrasisng especially now that we're the only team in the League that hasn't won a single game and after the Clippers game this Friday with an East coast road trip lying ahead this could get worse before it gets better

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