Monday, November 26, 2007

Golden State: 129 Phoenix:114 Wow

What a game. It was hard even for the most Defensive mined coach in the League not to appreciate the Offensive swagger displayed by both sides. Seriously if and it's a big one there is a Golden State-Phoenix playoff series I can almost see the ratings been big as the Finals.


What a game by Monta. Seriously being tentative is an unwanted part of his game but tonight he showed he's not afraid to shoot. He was the type of guard who would always drive rather then pull up for a Jumper. Tonight it seemed most of his attempts were pullups rather then drives. He made his first 5 shots of the quarter. Not only was Monta Davis proved he should be going to the All Star Game with a 28 point dominating his matchup with Nash. His quickness and ability to just drive to the basket was just fun to watch. I'm a little worried about his streakiness he'll shoot badly against the Celtics but other then that he;s playing great. He easily won the matchup against Nash pouring 28 points 0 assists, 6 boards, and 2 steal while Nash finished with 13 assists but contributed a dispiriting 8 turnovers. That mainly contributed to the Suns loss.

Of course one word for Jackson wow. His first home game matchup against the matrix he dominated 32 points on a pretty 13-21 (62%) shooting night. In contrast even though Marrion was a big reason the Suns were even close in this game he had a limited points on a very poor shooting night (5-14, 36%) and 14 rebounds. Jackson always had a reputation as being more then being able to guard the teams offensive threat and I can't wait to see how he does against a McGrady, kobe etc. Aside from that Matt Barnes especially after his Moms death played very solid. When 3 of your main offensive threats combine for almost 90 points Baron, Jackson and Monta then almost nobody will take a second glance at the rest of the lineup but Barnes has a ton of activeness on Offense and Defense. I loved his 8 points 3-5 shooting, 2-2 from 3 pointers), 7 boards, 7 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks as much as I did about Monta's 31 Points I'm afraid to say.

And lastly Stoudemire and Biedrins never existed as a matchup a smart thing to do by Nellie. Deciding to swarm Stoudemire each time with the ball he introduced Harrington as a low post player and he played solid. Amare was plagued with Foul Trouble during most of the game limited which means the Rebounding Difference wasn't much but it was still fun to see one of the best low post players in the game at it.

So to conclude what a win. it appears the panic after a 0-6 start has evaporated into thin air helped by our 45 first quarter points. It really was the Run and Gun game I expected and anticipated and even more to see that Baron isn't carrying the Offense like he had too in the first 6 games helped by Jackson who you would never have known he was out for that period of time and Monta who had the greatest and I'm not exaggerating game in a Warriors uniform I've seen in a while. Just outstanding and 6 out of 7 wins is a perfect way to prepare for the visit of the Houston Rockets another legitimate Western Conference threat.

Update: Video highlights from around the web. Sadly nothing is available from youtube


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