Saturday, November 24, 2007

Golden State:123 Washington:115

Even without Agent Zero the Wizards made life slightly difficult before Golden State notched up their 3rd win on the road to go 3-1 on this 5 game road trip thanks to one of the best performances I've seen Baron play in a while. The Wizards won 6 in a row previously before last night. Not only did he have a triple double but bizarelly he had more Rebounds then Biedrins or Jackson. Davis also outdid Caron Bulter who had 26 Points, 11 Rebounds and 10 assists.


The Warriors are now 3-1 on this 5 game road trip even with some of their games coming against the worst in the East. Some of the Wizards players stepped up big time Antwan Jamison, Caron Bulter and Blatche putting our front court under pressure. Biedrins could do nothing about it and it was the source of fustration for warrior fans fans everywhere when we learned our PG had more rebounds then anyone else on the team. The rebounding difference wasn't huge and yet the Wizards had much more second chance points then the Warriors had 30-12. Nobpdy blocked out Jamison who has the knack of always being in the right position seemingly also helped by Caron Butler who shot 12-21 and never seemed to miss. The lack of any backup for Baron Davis has also showed wouldn't it have been nice if Caron Butler in that 2002 draft was drafted ahead of Dunleavy. Having a B-Diddy backup allows up to counteract any scoring threat something we haven#t been able to do this season hence our record

Getting away from the negativity lets check out apart from Baron Davis who else made a difference. Brandon Wright. Washingtons 11 point lead was cut to a tie when wright was in he made that much of a difference. He was active,defended greatly. He's working his way into the rotation and I hope later on he'll get solid PT. Besides he's a better alternative then DJ Mbenga right. jackson also had a nice game as well but I've had to meet any fan who doesn't appreciate the physco effect he has on our team. It was also nice to see the rest of the offensive contribitions 7 of our players scored in double figures. They also shot a more then stellar 50 percent 16 three-pointers, including eight of their first 12 in sharp contrast to the lousy shooting in Boston.

Lastly the real fun in watching this team is watching them close out road games something they weren't able to do last season see Mavericks game 5. So can they come back to Oakland after the Philly game 4-1 well in 24 hours we can only see

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