Saturday, October 20, 2007

2007-2008 NBA Blog Previews: Central Division

10 days to go till Warriors tip off but first we're catchinng up with our latest on blog team previews. With the Atlantic and Southwest divisions covered now it's time for the Centeral or as some fans call it the least entertaining Division in the league even though the Pistons and the Cleveland Cavalliers have both made Finals appearances over the last few years. However credit to all the bloggers here though who have rooted for these teams

Chicago Bulls

Cobra Brigade
Bull Riding

Cleveland Cavalliers
The POJO Dojo
Cavallier Attitude
Truth in a Bullet Fedora

Detroit Pistons
Empty the Bench

Indiana Pacers
Indy Cornrows
Pacers Pulse

Milwaukee Bucks
Bango's Bunch

Here's how I think the Central division will turn out
1. Detroit Pistons- Despite losing two conference Finals in a row will more then likely be there again. The closest challengers to Boston in the east a lot depends on how well they replace Chris Webber who could be a noteworthy loss
2. Chicago Bulls- This could turn out to be a huge gaffle but I actually think Chicago are much more of a scoring threat then Cleveland with Ben Gordon. Luol Deng etc. Sooner or later when these two meet Chicago will realise that no one else outside of Lebron scores much and that will be the Cavs downfall.

3. cleveland Cavalliers- See above

4, Milwaukee Bucks- Asking Michael Redd and Yi Jinlan to get them to the playoffs when yi din't even want to be here in the first place smacks of desperation.

5. Indiana Pacers. When Murphy and Dunleavy are part of your starting Frontcourt and both expected to do the job Stephen Jackson did (Rebound and hustle) which neither of them did particulary well here then your in trouble

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