Thursday, October 18, 2007

Warriors V Spurs

Arguably tbis is the most unimportant part of the preseason the middle stage where many teams decide to rest the starters in fear of injury etc. With that in mind tonights matchup is meaningless with coaches in the NBA PatRiley of the miami Heat being the most recent Coach to claim the NBA Exhibition season is too long and he has to rest all of his starters. Perhaps that could explain some of their results they lost by 40 to the Magic but still nones counting. Have the Spurs by 10 but really no one cares.

Now this is a little more interesting. Taking off a typical NFL Films production Baron Davis agreed to be miced in our 2nd preseason game against the Lakers after sitting out/ Our training Camp blog quotes

"During the Warriors' final preseason game in Hawaii last week, Baron Davis agreed to wear a microphone while sitting on the bench. Knowing he wasn't going to play in the game, Baron interacted with teammates and definitely kept himself entertained

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