Friday, October 19, 2007


One of the major concerns that has not been addressed this offseason and to be fair is pretty surprising and it was pretty obvious in the Utah Jazz series is our Rebounding. Free throws being a close second. It seems this offseason was all about cap control and you have to admire Mullin for not giving a Rashard Lewis type deal like the Magic but like it or not the Front office has a lot to answer on this one. The j-Rich deal is a classic example in point. Even though it's not a Mitch Ritchmond for Billy Owens type deal where you trade away an All Star for a unknown quantity the trade didn't really solve the weakness. Brandon Wright who despite his long wingspan hasn't show anything just yet and perhaps just like POB last year could be sent to the NBDL. Lasme will probably be more of the same even though he has been called a sleeper it's just not possible to see him get many minutes this Season especially with Croshere in contention. If anything the Rebounding woes are becasue of Stephen Jackson who is just atrocious on the glass at SF and our Defensive System installed with many Forwards out of position. A good comparrassion to all this and maybe a example to follow would be the Phoenix suns

The only time you'll ever see this on here

The Phoenix Suns are able to to get away with it because Shawn Marrion, Raja Bell and Kurt Thomas are superior Defenders. It also helps that at the 3 Marrion is an unreal Rebounder and those players don't come around often. So we did add 3 point Shooters and going by Nellie words worked harder on Defense but in the end Warriors scarificed Rebounding for defensive versatlity which is fine by me. Just look at the players currently available Josh Smith we can't afford, Drew gooden no way his lack of intelligence is a factor, Wilcox yes but we had nothing to offer Seattle. The lack of big name Rebounders on the market is telling.

So overall aprrehensive about the Rebounding issue but as optomisitic as ever

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