Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Preseason game 6: Golden State V Seattle

Even though this preseason game is mmeaningless it should be interesting to watch for a few things mainly how Seattle's main star Kevin Durrant gets on. After two preaseaon loses in a row to the Clippers and San Antonio it would be nice to reverse the trend tonight. It's interesting but in Seattle no matter what athlete comes along and tries to shake along the sports trend there e.g. Ichiro, Shaun Alexander or in Supersonics case Kevin Durrant Seattle will always be remembered for the two things it has brought to the world both a popular part of youth culture

I could go for some of that right now


One of the best rockers RIP Kurt.

The only question I have for Sonics fans is when are they moving to Oklahoma?. My perdictions would be
Warriors to win by 6 with a certain Bellinelli making 5 from downtown
Going by their record so far the Sonics will prove just how much there missing Ray Allen

Update: Warriors win 126=122

Just a few notes to take after the game.
:With this game deciding who will go to the D League after last night it's obvious Kosta Perovic and Lasme will probably go their. Obviously POB won't because he's our backup center.
: Monta Ellis isn't our backup PG and probably never will be. Three Turnovers in crucnhtime and six for the game I'll let the stats do the talking. However these type of preseason games show him his errors on the cort rather then out of a book

: Brandon Wright had 7 points 6 rebounds, 1 steal, no turnover and played pretty well. Made a case for not being sent to the D-League especially after getting 3 offenive against the likes of kurt Thomas and chris Wilcox both big bruising Forwards.

POB reminded me of Ike Diagou tonight prone to fouling all the time. Three fouls in just over a minute shows the guy needs to cool it down a little on Offense

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