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Golden State Warriors season preview

Like our ESPN and other NBA blog counterparts I decided to post a Season preview of the up and coming season. Do I think we're capable of a second conseutive postseason appearance. Read on and find out.

Last year’s record: 42-40 (0.617)

Players added: Troy Hudson, Marco Bellinelli, Brandon Wright, Stephene Lasme, Kosta Perovic Austin Croshere

Players dropped from Roster: Jason Richardson, Adonal Foyle, Saurans Jaskevicus, Josh Powell.

What significant moves were made during the off-season?: The most siginficant move was the loss of Jason Richardson during draft day in exchange for brandon Wright of the Charlotte bobcats. Although the Warriors lose some of the explosiveness Jason Richardson had going by our exhibition games it is proven Keleena is a better defender and shooter. The player we got in exchange Brandon Wright has had commendable preseason displays and has earned praise from Don Nelson a welcome change from last years incident with POB so it is hoped Wright develops into the big man he is well and tuly capable off. So overall the loss of Richardson isn't as severe as experts think.

The Warriors also went after a veteran 10 year Forward in the shape of Austin Croshere. Despite averaing 2 rebounds a game not exactly any indication he will help our Rebounding problems he comes dirt cheap and probably will get a lot of playing time since Stephen Jackson is suspended. Expect Pietrus at the 4 not to last long. Lastly knowing Monta Ellis isn't a true PG the Warriors went after Troy Hudson to backup Baron Davis which like Croshere's contract was for the vet minumum. Husdon essentially brings better decision making and plenty of expereince to the table. The only negative thing I can bring out is a failed rap career but other then that not a bad signing. He will be competing with Monta Ellis with backup spot but I think it's obvious that after the Seattle game T-Hud has won the right.

2. What are the team’s biggest strengths? Offensively this team thrives under Don Nelsons Offense averaging 106.5 PPG and being involved in several shootouts last season. If anything in todays defensive conscious game they provide a welcome change to the low scoring games you find now.

with Baron Davis and stephen Jackson prgressing well as a nice partnership it is hoped these two continue like this into next season with both especially showing what they can do in several games in the Playoffs most notably Jackson making 7 3 pointers in a row respectively.

3. What are the team’s biggest weaknesses? Devensively this team is suspect giving up 106.9 PPG. Put this contrast with the Phoenix Suns a likeminded Fastbreak team who give up 1002 PPG and would be nice to make some progress at this end. Partly this is because of the rebounding which was atrocious last season the Warriors being ranked along the bottom Offensively. Part of the problem is Stephen Jackson who doesn't play the rebounding role we'd like him to play and Al Harrington both who struggled to guard Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur on the boards. It is hoped croshere will solve this. The Warriors were also bad in the turnover category ranking 5th worst in the League but at the same time ranking the best for forcing the opposition into TO.

Backup Center is alo a problem with POB being hoped he learns the reigns quickly enough otherwhise it could be trouble. POB has been prone to foul trouble in the past and unless he doesn't solve it quickly this could be a long year at this position. The schedule doesn't help matters either five of the first 7 games are against Playoffs teams that have won 50 games or more Utah twice, Cleveland, Dallas and Detroit. This has been eased however by the fact four of those five - and five of the seven overall - will be at Oracle Arena where the Warriors had the best home advantage last season

Position-by-position breakdown:

Courtesy of sports Illustrated

Point Guard: Baron Davis is pretty much a garanteed starter depending of course on whether he stays healthy which is the main question surronding season perdictions. Coming off a Playoffs where he averaged 25.3 points, 6.5 assists, 2.9 steals, and 4.5 rebounds per game the hype has carried on into the next season. He is currently looking for a contract extension as well

Shooting Guard: Monta Ellis will start here. Even after the 2007 playoffs debacle he did average 16 PPG in the regual season and started owning comparrassions to our very own Gilbert Arenas. Despite a lot of question over his character and rumours over the Warriors trading him for a conditional Draft pick which were immediately squashed Monta has the job over Marco who is a very streaky shooter 4 for 23 from 3 point range in preseason isn't going to get you anywhere.

Small Forward: Unexpectedly Kelenna will start here perhaps delighfully if we go by Preseason form. He has proven to be a much better defender and outside shooter then J-Rich and the dropoff won't be as bad as ESPN think. Unknown around draft time he was projected as a poor Outside shooter and now look at him. In fact

Mully called me on New Years' Eve and asked me if I liked sambuca, and I said 'Yeah,' " Nelson recalled. "And he went out there and signed this guy, Azubuike.

"I thought it was a drink and he was talking about a player."

Great story indeed

Power Forward: Pietrus has been named as our starter but I can't see this. Not only is he a foul machine he matchus up terribly against Boozer and will get destroyed on the boards. Al Harrington will probably be the starter this was probably a media trick by Don Nelson to get the media writing about something.Pietrus is an awful dribbler and far too often steps out of bounds with the ball (Bizzarre i know). Hrrington is a better three point shooter percentage wise and exploits mismatches something Pietrus wouldn't have a clue how to do. Hopefully Al comes in straight away.

Center: Biedrins isn't a physical post player but he has all the potential to be our first All Star in years. Averaging 9.3rpg and scoring 9.6ppg he is very durable 82 regular season games plus all 11 playoff games. the one thing I'm concerned about is his inability to create his own shot this came out of nowhere. If he did that more often there is ever possibility he could join the elite of big men in the West such as Tim Duncan, Boozer etc. POB backups him up and whether he'll turn out like last year is another mattter.

Season Predictions:

43-39 2nd in Pacific Division
Playoffs: 7th seed eliminated in 1st round
All Stars: Baron Davis,

Last season was terrific to watch. The Dallas series felt like a Superbowl in the Bay area and boy did we get international attention or what . Are we poised to repeat our playoff appearance. I think so despite after our opening 8 game stretch 17 of the next 26 are on the road which is why slightly below or above .500 is to be expected. February is the month we make our playoff case with a huge home stretch. Against any other Western conference team but Dallas it remains to be seen over a 7 game series can we compete with any others. We have two stars on our team Davis and Jackson however. Depending on if both show up this team can cause havoc against any opononent

These fans have been accussed of bandwagoning despite home attendences remaining well strong before the Playoff run

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