Friday, October 26, 2007

2007-2008 NBA Blog previews Southeast Previews

More progress it's now only 4 day until tipoff in the Oracle Arena where we shall look for an unprecedented sencond consecutive Playoff appearance. until then our latest blog preview focus on the Southeast Division which like the Northwest is the have Division. It's truly mixed where the talented like the Heat baring injuries can be really really good the rest really really bad such as the Atlanta Hawks. However because of the Bobcats acquisition of Richardson this has the potential of being a three horse race. Anyway check out these division previews by these knowledgable bloggers.

Washington Wizards

Bullets Forever

Orlando Magic
Believing in Magic
3rd Quarter Collapse

Miami Heat
I want to be a Sports Agent
Crazy from the Heat

Atlanta Hawks
Impending Firestorm

Charlotte Bobcats
Bobcat Bonfire

Here's how I see the division going down.
1. miami Heat- Toughest pick as yet. Baring they stay away from the injury problems which plagued them last year see Shaq, Dwayne Wade etc they have a good shot. Ricky Davis gives them added depth in the Backcourt but on the other hand they are a project and could miss the playoffs entirely evident by their recent preseason form
2. Orlando Magic- Overpaid Rashard Lewis but him and Dwight Howard have the potential to be one of the best Frontcourt partnerships. Stan Van Gundy has been there and done that so he should help Howard become more dominant.
3. charlotte Bobcats- Even without Adam Morrissson they should contend for the 8th playoff spot. Raymond Felton, Jason Richardson and Gerald Wallace are going to bring excitement to something other then College Hoops in North Carolina.
4. Washington Wizards- If Arenas gets injured this team is screwed as evident by the Cleveland series. Problems down low and a bad Defense means they won't return to the Playoffs.
5. Atlanta Hawks- Despite horrific attendances plaging this team they have an exciting young core talent with Joe Johnson, Al Harford, Josh Childress and Josh Smith could turn it around even with nother missed playoff appearance

Enjoy Disneyland

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Looks weird but it only means the February 1st game adds greater significance

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