Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brandon Wright

Even though the exhibition season hasn't had much going wrong for the Warriors good news definitely the real breakout player so far is Brandon Wright when perhaps POB would have been my preferred choice. Never the less according to the San Francisco Chronicle against Seattle he flat out dominated.

We were just trying to stay in front," Wright said. "Make sure a guy helps out, don't give up the block, try to make it a little crowded in there, try to make him think twice about getting (the ball) over the top."

"It lets them use their quickness. It's not a strength move," Nelson explained. "That really helped them defend the low box."

Then Nelson added, as if in disbelief: "Brandan was where he was supposed to be defensively. And he's got something special because he's so long and quick. He got to balls that nobody else on my team could have got to."

This is undoubtedly the best news of the preseason so far. Not only does it mean that Brandon Wright is living up to the fact he was called a stud by most College Basketball Experts he has basically proven to be the Rookie to watch so far. His quickness and wingspan combined with an hopeful ability to crash the boards means he could so far live up to the hype Nellie delivered for him. Will he get playing time or not well thats the question but with s-Jax out there's always a chance. He also has a good midrange J. So overall with Pietrus being extremely prone to fouling (in the Seattle game he fouled out in 12 minutes there is every chance Wright will get a lot of playing time against the Jazz

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