Sunday, October 14, 2007

Azbuike's role as a starter

One of the uncertainty when J-Rich left was who would start at SG. With Bellineli drafted it seemed certain he would fill that role but after the preseason openers the role has gone to none other then Despite not having your typical British name Azbuike hails from there and against all odds appears to have nailed down the starting SG spot. Because of Monta Ellis's Neck injury still no indication of what it's like and Belinelli not being ready to start Keleena has earned the job. In the 1st preseason opener against the Lakers he had 27 points 9 boards and 0 turnovers in 33 minutes. A good Shooter and Finisher at the Basket he's apppeared to join the list of Summer League standouts Nellie created anyone rememember John Starks. 2nd game against the Lakers a 22 point game with 4 rebounds. He may not be as explosive as J-Rich but his Defense and Free Throw Shooting has already made him a favourite. Last season highlights are in the video below.

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