Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Unasnwered Questions

According to our website there are 13 days 11 hours and 42 minutes until the opening game of the NBA Season against the Utah Jazz. However along the fan base there are still questions unanswered that have to be opening night or else we could end up this years version of the Clippers. Opening night can be downplayed by many NBA coaches but in Nelsons case I don't think he can

Any sort of misfortune has to be handled. On our first 8 game stetch 5 of the 8 are Playoof teams from last year. Without Stephen Jackson or Jason richardson and having a History of not handling bad luck well there will be all sorts of pressure on Al Harrington and Andris biedrins to step up their game and get us a few early W's. The jazz destroyed us inside and on the boards last year so the opener should be interesting on that regard. Physicallity is often a worry as well because as the Jazz showed us in the playoffs we simply didn't have the Forwards to matchup Boozer or A.K 47.. in the first two games Jazz combined won the rebounding battle 63-33. This has to be stopped if we are to repeat our success. Any sort of Davis hamstring problems and our season could be down the drain and create serious implications for the future.

I'm looking forward to the new season already

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