Thursday, October 25, 2007


In arguably the most amazing contrast in sports over the past few months the Warriors went from this


to this

In just over a few months the Warriors had becomea bunch of has been on pace to miss the Playoffs for a 13th straight year to becoming the talk of the Playoffs. Every Warrior fan who had supported them through the PJ Carelsimo and Dave Cowens year suddenly had something to talk about. That may Night where we shocked the Basketball wordl was the greatest night of ever being a Golden State fan. Not only was their a buzz through the Bay Area and through Golden State fans worldwide it also put us on the map as well known celebrity fans started jumping on the teams bandwagon particulary Snoop who in the past acknowledged the fact he was a Laker fan.

But like all feel good stories it came to an end. Despite the dunk Utah flat out outplayed us and eventually we came apart because of silly techincals. coslty missed throws that would have iced the game and stupid fouls. Our Playoff dream is over but the number of national TV appearances this season suggest the networks haven't forgotten about us. When june came around Mullin proved he's not really like any other NBA Gm in which he makes calculated risks. Trading Jason Richardson could be a master stroke or a dumb move. It's not an exaggeration to say his GM evaluation is based on this. Then our great servant Foyle left and it was fitting that not too many changes were made but a bigger expectation then the DunMuprhy years. The bottom line is we have a much deeper bench then last year and hopefull T-Hud and Monta Ellis prove that they are legitimate backup PG's to Baron Davis. A deeper bench doesn't neccasarily mean we can compete with Phoenix but the fact that we added phyisicality and depth means 5-2 4-3 would be expected during our first 8 games

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Nice post. How do you think the Warriors will do this season?