Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kobe Bryant somethings up

Whilst this blog is devoted religiously to the Golden State Warriors it's also still worth looking at news from around the NBA and at the moment they don't much come bigger then this.

Arguably Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA. For years he was spoiled by success as himself and Shaq brought glory to a town that had disappeared and suffered baren years. Game winning shots etc and Three Chsmpionships. However once he suffered a Finals upset to the Pistons Shaq departed to Miami and Kobe has been left to pick up the pieces of what has been a shattered NBA team. After two 1st round exits both at the hands of the Phoenix Suns just 5 months ago Kobe did the unthinkable and asked for a trade. Or perhaps he didn't denying on the Stehen A. smith show he ever said such a thing. Now it has all resurfaced again after various media outlets leaked the story of Buss meeting Kobe over the summer where Buss said he's willing to resurface overs availaible for kobe. It's easy to see why Kobe would want to leave. For starters the mangaement haven't gotten him the Superstar he has demanded to play alongside (Derek Fisher doesn't count). Adding to that the trade which involved Caron Butler for kwame Brown was a big mistake. Caron Butler has become an Eastern Conference all star while Kwame Brown has yet to live the hype of the 1st pick of the 2001 Draft

Other bad decisions by the Lakers involve not trading odom for Boozer exactly the beast they would have needed and declining to trade Andrew Bynum for Jason Kidd. Jason Kidd proceeded to average a triple double in last year's playoffs, and then follow it up with an encore by starring alongside Kobe Bryant in the Olympic Qualifying tournament last summer. In other words they decided to keep a Project Center and passed on a All Star Guard. This could have been the lineup

Point Guard: Jason Kidd
Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant
Small Forward: Caron Butler
Power Forward: Carlos Boozer
Center: Chris Mihm or Ronny Turiaf

Keep imaging it because the only chance is gone

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