Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No extension to Biedrin or Ellis why worry?

A lot of the talk recently apart from the Utah Jazz game and the lowlights has been about the lack of any extension given to Andris Biedrins or Monta Ellis which has been a prime concern for many Warrior fans. Well guess what why worry. At the start of the Mullin era his prime and most glaring mistake was to give Dunleavy, Murphy and Foyle all ludricious contracts which made no sense business or Basketball wise. Nowdaays it appears he has completely revamped his Front Office style and decided to wait after a career year to see if both are able to repeat their past year successes. Such management would not have been done by Garry St Jean or no other GM before him. If anything as cleary evident by last night Biedrins has a lot of holes in his game. He is foul prone averaging 3.7 a game and it seems any time he comes up against a Western Conference elite Forward his game goes haywire which can't happen in the upcoming stretch. In last years Jazz series when the Dubs needed him the most he campe up with awfulness Game 1: 4 points, 5 boards; Game 2: 4 points, 6 boards; Game 5: 2 points, 5 boards. Not what you want in crunch time. I've already posted about Monta Ellis and his character.

Rather then just dish out new contracts after a one year wonder season Mullin has learnt his ways unlike the Knicks and their nonsensical contract to Larry Brown and then dumping him after one year making the mistake of thinking a Coach was worth a $100 million dollars without proving it. They also made the same mistake in Allan Houston and those figures have hurt their salary cap. Mullin realised after the early contracts it couldn't happen again and there would be no more guranteed contracts after just one season. Arguably this means Monta and Andris can use this as motivation to earn extra money rather then just receive a huge contract and lose some of the fire that has happenned to a lot of NBA players. Besides after the playoffs and Monta disappearing it might be the best time to take a second look and like any good GM evaluate

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