Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spurs 116 Warriors: 111

Not a whole lot you can say about last nights game so I thought I'd let the box score do the talking.

Harrington 14 Rebounds means he could solve our board defiecency although his shooting stats approach on worrisome 7-22. Having not seen the game it's safe to assume by the large number of Rebounds most of them were putbacks but thats still inexcusable.

Pietrus for some reason is bad. He tweaked his back so thats an excuse but at grabbing two Rebounds a game isn't going to win many fans over. One rebound Four fouls not much you can say.

Pat Burke won't make the list of undistgunished Forwards that have made the Warriors roster e.g Chris Taft. his play is that bad.

Stephene Lasme is active looking at the stats 2 Blocks 5 Fouls which can be good or bad. Didn't get any Defensive rebounds however maybe his Size and Weight being a factor?.

Sit Baron Davis down. 17 and 9 in limited playing time means your more then ready for this season. No point trying to rack up a injury in garbage time

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