Wednesday, October 31, 2007

2007-2008 NBA Blog previews: Pacific Division

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One of the great coaches at NMSU does Theus have the Coaching talent to get the Kings back on track

The last of the NBA Blog previews is under way and this time we focus in on the Pacific division arguably the weakest division in the NBA evident by last night in which the LA Lakers along with Golden State both lost their openers at home. However let see what these bloggers had to say about the up and coming season along with yours truly.

Golden State
Golden State of mind
Irish Warriors

LA Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers
Forum Blue and Gold
with Malice

Phoenix Suns
Bright Side of the Sun

Sacramento Kings
Sactown Royalty

How I see the division playing out

1. Phoenix Suns: Baring a disaterous loss of form from two time MVP Steve Nash this is their division to lose. Overcame a big mental hurdle by winning game 4 against San Antonio last season and could argue that after the Donaghy case they were screwed by the Stoudemire and Diaw suspensions. Will be interesting to see how Grant Hill fits in that Offense.
2. Golden State Warriors: The dizzying heights of the Playoffs will come down to earth by the brutal early schedule but there is absolutely no doubt this team has the talent to make a consecutive playoff appearance.
3. LA Lakers: The Kobe scandal will affect this team and an inept front office is seemingly doing everything it can to make sure he leaves. Add to the fact Fisher was their only real offseason acquistion and you get my drift.
4. LA Clippers: From a Game 7 away from the West Conference Finals against the Suns to now missing Elton Brand and Shaun Livingston Clipper fans can be forgiven for thinking their side is jinxed. Will make a playoff push when Elton Brand comes back however.
5. Sacramento Kings: Missing Bibby for the first few weeks the only real Offensive threat apart from Kevin Martin while Artest is committing his usual misdemeanors shows how far they've fallen from a certain Horry shot. Martin is an All star quality Guard though and it's no exaggeration to say that Monta robbed him of the MIP award. More of the same

No doubt whatsoever the Clippers will miss this guy


Anonymous said...

Nice summation on the teams, but "arguably the weakest division in the NBA"?? Please dude... even the Kings'd do well over in the East.

Kyle W said...

LOL the gap between 1st and Second in this Division is going to be the largest in the NBA. Stop trying to kidd yourself

With Malice said...
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With Malice said...

As I stated: "Even the Kings'd do well over in the East." Which part of that is incomprehensible?

So... can you explain the results of games played by teams within this division thus far?

And 'Kidd'? Or was that a pun on the early success of a certain point guard in the East...

Kyle W said...
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Kyle W said...

I completely understand what you were saying but it looks like going by success of some the teams in the East and the way they've started Charlotte, indiana, Detroit etc the Kings comment was naieve maybe ?

I still think even at this early stage it's the Suns division even though I was surprised at the way they were blown out against the Lakers.

Oh and I meant kidd as in kidding yourself. No pun intended